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Why Can’t I Use Apple Pay, And Other Questions About Paying For Cannabis at The Travel Agency
Licensed cannabis dispensaries in New York City are a little different than other shops you frequent every day, including in […]
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Our 8 Favorite Cafes in Union Square
Coffee shops and cannabis go together (think Amsterdam vibes), but you don’t need to board a plane to get the […]
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How To Make Your Own Edibles
Add a touch of cannabis magic to your culinary creations. Making your own edibles opens up a world of creativity […]
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11 Ways to Enjoy Union Square During the Holidays
One of the many reasons we call Union Square home is that you never have the same travel adventure twice […]
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THC Vape Cartridge Guide: How To Shop For The Best Fit
Disposable, 510-thread, pods: the THC vape cartridge scene is quite vast. When navigating the cartridges for sale at a New […]
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Pre-rolls vs. Flower: What’s Your Style?
Does the difference between pre-rolls and flower truly matter? In our view, there’s no “right” or “wrong” choice, but there are reasons […]
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Take Off With The Travel Agency’s New Flower Lounge Experience
We cordially invite you to an experience unlike any other. Step into 835 Broadway at E 13th street for an […]
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USQTA Team Spotlight – Meet James McCormick
  Inspired to join the cannabis industry through their longtime love for the plant and helping others through it, James […]
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Elevate The Holiday Season with Cannabis Gifts for Everyone On Your List
‘Tis the season for dispensary shopping. As we head into the first holiday season with licensed dispensaries in New York, […]
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