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The terpene linalool is best known for its importance in aromatherapy. Lavender beads, sprays, oils, body washes – the list goes on with ways to incorporate this floral and relaxing terpene into your daily routine. But did you know that many cannabis strains have high levels of linalool?

The effects of the cannabis plant are driven in part by cannabis terpenes, and understanding the potential benefits of terpenes in different cannabis strains can help you better customize your consumption routine. We’ve briefly touched on this terpene in our terpene guide, but this blog will take a deep dive into what you need to know about linalool strains.


The earthy side of Linalool comes out in the aroma of Skywalker (sometimes called Skywalker OG), a Star Wars-inspired flower with no apparent connection to the film series. This hybrid strain has an earthy and fruity aroma that reminds some of blueberries. Skywalker is renowned for a deeply relaxing body high and cerebral experience that may leave you on the couch — but you’ll be happy to be there.

Average linalool content: 0.16%

Average THC content: 21%

Average CBD content: 0%

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Sherbert is a strain of many names, including Sherbert OG and Sunset Sherbert. It has a candy-sweet scent that hides the presence of linalool, but you’ll feel it in the intensely relaxing effects of this strain. A carefree euphoria meets a body-locking high while linalool carries your worries away. Don’t make plans after smoking this one.

Average linalool content: 0.30%

Average THC content: 21%

Average CBD content: 0%

Shop High-Linalool Sunset Sherbert

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple is an iconic California strain that also goes by GDP and Grandaddy Purp, evidently named for the deep purple colors that paint the flower. This strain isn’t for beginners – it has a potent THC content that delivers a long-lasting high. A high amount of linalool will keep your body relaxed while your mind wanders off nowhere in particular. You may feel the desire not to move for several hours; plan accordingly.

Average linalool content: 1.0%

Average THC content: 25%

Average CBD content: 0%

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Lilac Diesel

Lilac Diesel is a hybrid strain that captures linalool’s earthy, floral scent well. This strain has more CBG than CBD, which adds a little balance to the high THC content. While linalool is present in this strain’s aroma, the effects are more uplifting and euphoric than other strains high in linalool.

Average linalool content: 1.0% 

Average THC content: 24% 

Average CBD content: 0.17%

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Sweet Gelato is the hybrid offspring of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies and comes from a lineage of dessert-inspired strains. It has a delicious scent that’s more vanilla than lavender, but linalool is felt in the deeply relaxing effects of this strain. Abundant terpenes balance relaxation with a burst of energizing limonene and balancing caryophyllene.

Average linalool content: 0.02% 

Average THC content: 24%

Average CBD content: 0.06%

Shop Gelato at The Travel Agency

Lavender Kush

You’d expect a strain named lavender to have higher levels of linalool – and you’d be correct. Lavender Kush is a hybrid of several different strains and has a classic lavender scent of earth and flowers. It has relaxing effects that may stimulate your appetite or guide you off to slumber, depending on the day you’ve had.

Average linalool content: 0.30%

Average THC content: 18%

Average CBD content: 0%

Kosher Kush

The exact lineage of Kosher Kush is a mystery, but we do know this: it’s closely related to OG Kush and it’s not kosher. Kosher Kush has a pungently earthy and spicy smell that hints at its linalool content. This is a very strong strain so smokers beware: the intensely relaxing effects and high levels of both linalool and THC may mean you end up on the couch, whether you want to or not.

Average linalool content: 0.3% 

Average THC content: 24%

Average CBD content: 0%

Do Si Do

There is debate over whether the correct spelling of this strain is Do Si Do or Dosido (or the abbreviated Dosi), but consumers agree: Do Si Do smells amazing and smokes even better. The aroma of this strain is linalool-heavy, earthy, and floral with a hint of spice at the end. Its effects are relaxing and a high linalool content helps you shake off the day and sink into a state of blissful relaxation.

Average linalool content: 0.20%

Average THC content: 23%

Average CBD content: 0.04%

What does high linalool mean?

Linalool content of as little as 0.5% is enough to add a strain to the high-linalool list. High linalool strains are a relative term because linalool isn’t typically the dominant terpene in most cannabis strains. It’s often second, third, or even fourth on the list. When it appears, it does so in much smaller quantities.

What is linalool known for?

Lavender is the most famous flower with linalool and likely the first plant to come to mind when you think of aromatherapy.

This terpene is popular in aromatherapy because there are many potential benefits of linalool, including well-documented anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects. Linalool can (in simple terms) keep serotonin around in your brain longer, helping you feel better mentally. This terpene is often used in aromatics or essential oils to help you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

What does the terpene linalool do?

Linalool has been used medicinally by cultures around the world for more than 2,000 years. It is a popular natural remedy to relieve stress, reduce depression, combat insomnia, and improve sleep quality. In cannabis products, linalool may increase mental and physical relaxation.

Where is Linalool found?

Linalool is found in many places in nature, including lavender. But linalool appears in two forms (two isomers, to be scientific) and is found in more than 200 plants, including sage, rosemary, bergamot, lemon balm, rosewood, and birch trees.

The aroma of lavender is what comes to mind when you think of linalool, but the terpene itself has a floral, musky earth scent with a hint of spice.

Is linalool psychoactive?

In the most scientific definition, linalool is psychoactive because it affects your brain.

But when talking about cannabis, most people use psychoactive to mean intoxicating, or causing a high. Linalool does not get you high because terpenes cannot get you high. Only compounds that interact with certain receptors in your endocannabinoid system can get you high.

Can you smoke linalool?

While you cannot smoke a terpene itself, you can smoke lavender flower. When the flower is harvested, dried, and ground up, you can smoke it by itself or mix it into THC or CBD flower. If you don’t want to harvest lavender yourself, you can buy an herbal blend with lavender or herbal prerolls, like these Lavender botanically blended pre-rolls from Drew Martin.

Take a mental vacation with high-linalool strains from The Travel Agency

Looking for strains with linalool to help you relax? Just ask our budtenders to point you in the right direction to find a strain that helps you take off the weight of the world.

Terpenes have complex effects on your cannabis experience, and understanding the common effects of terpenes can help you better tailor your cannabis routine to your unique needs. Learn more about common terpenes: myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene.

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