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Herbal, earthy, and occasionally fruity — when it comes to cannabis terpenes, myrcene is at the top of the list. It’s one of the most common and abundant terpenes across all cultivars (AKA strains) and throughout nature. Enjoy the flavors, aromas, and experience of myrcene with these 10 strains.

Blue Dream

A hybrid cultivar that leans Indica-dominant, Blue Dream is loved for its mood-boosting properties. This cultivar originated on the West Coast and quickly became a fan favorite for delivering a relaxing body high with a clear mind. Myrcene leads the way in Blue Dream, ushering your worries out the door and allowing you to sink into a calm, peaceful state of being.

Average myrcene content: 0.8%

Average THC content: 19%

Average CBD content: >1%

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Grandaddy Purple

When you need a toke to help you drift off to sleep, reach for Grandaddy Purple. Also called Grandaddy Purp or GDP, this indica-dominant cultivar is named for its rich color. Myrcene usually smells herbal, but in this flower, the fruity notes come out to play, with a strong aroma of grapes and berries. You also have myrcene to thank for the intensely relaxing vibes of this cultivar — try it as a bedtime bowl for sound slumber.

Average myrcene content: 0.4%

Average THC content: 19%

Average CBD content: >1%

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Green Crack

It may be named “crack,” but this hybrid is pure cannabis energy. Green Crack has an earthy yet fruity scent that smells almost like mango, a fruit that is also dominant in myrcene. It’s said that Snoop Dogg renamed this cultivar to better reflect the intensely energizing properties, perfect for when you need to move through a to-do list or dial in on a creative project.

Average myrcene content: 0.5%

Average THC content: 20%

Average CBD content: 0%

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White Widow

White Widow is a world-renowned hybrid cultivar that first broke onto the cannabis scene in the 1990s. It’s heralded for having energizing and creatively stimulating effects and is perfect for social settings. A mid-level THC content elevates you while keeping you grounded enough to talk, focus, and enjoy what’s going on around you. Myrcene makes its appearance in the aroma of this cultivar, with rich notes of earthiness.

Average myrcene content: 0.8%

Average THC content: 18%

Average CBD content: 0.1%

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Alaskan TF

Alaskan TF (also called Alaskan Thunder F*ck) is a legendary sativa cultivar that’s been making waves in cannabis since the 1970s. It doesn’t smell much like myrcene: it smells dank, like fuel and skunk, with a hint of lemon. Don’t let the lower THC percentage fool you — myrcene makes itself known in the “creeping” effect of this cultivar that may have you euphoric and alert one minute and couch-locked the next.

Average myrcene content: 0.5%

Average THC content: 15%

Average CBD content: 0%

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OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most famous cannabis cultivars in the world, and for good reason. This incredibly aromatic hybrid packs a punch, with high THC percentages and strong odors of fuel and skunk. While it doesn’t usually smell like myrcene, this dominant terpene is heavily responsible for the intensely calming effects and mood-boosting properties of OG Kush. (You may also get the munchies, but don’t blame myrcene for that one.)

Average myrcene content: 0.7%

Average THC content: 20%

Average CBD content: >1%


This sativa-dominant flower is one of only a handful of CBD-dominant cultivars (when compared to the world of high-THC cannabis). Harlequin smells like quintessential myrcene, earthy and herbal but its effects are far milder than other cultivars where myrcene is the dominant terpenes, thanks to the CBD percentages. Harlequin is beloved for its calming effects and mood-boosting properties, without feeling “too” high, leaving you clear, calm, and focused.

Average myrcene content: 0.6%

Average THC content: 5%

Average CBD content: 15%


Myrcene shows off its fruity side in Mimosa, with a citrusy aroma and earthy undertones. This hybrid cultivar works much the way of its namesake drink: a few tokes can have you feeling uplifted, happy, and energized, making it a favorite of wake-and-bakers and adventure-seekers. But too much of a good thing may make you relaxed to the point of sedation, and you might find yourself taking an unexpected midday nap.

Average myrcene content: .5%

Average THC content: 19%

Average CBD content: 0%

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Northern Lights

This highly popular indica cultivar hits your nose with a burst of pine, with subtle earthy notes underneath announcing myrcene’s presence. Your first few hits may have you feeling lifted and euphoric but as the high progresses, don’t be surprised if you feel relaxed – really relaxed, thanks to high levels of myrcene (some cultivars have nearly 2% myrcene – exceptionally high for terpene levels). Northern Lights is known for locking people onto the couch, so have snacks and a blanket nearby.

Average myrcene content: 0.8%

Average THC content: 18%

Average CBD content: 0%

Pineapple Express

Where Pineapple Express gets its name from is obvious as soon as you smell this bud, but you may get a whiff of mango alongside the pineapple. That’s myrcene making itself known. Popularized by one of Hollywood’s favorite stoners, this energizing hybrid cultivar takes center stage in the film Pineapple Express. Unlike some of the other myrcene strains on this list that have strong sedative effects, Pineapple Express is known for delivering an energizing high that’s perfect for tackling a creating project or getting the house clean.

Average myrcene content: 0.5%

Average THC content: 20%

Average CBD content: 0.3%

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Learn about more terpenes with The Travel Agency’s terpene guide.

Myrcene terpene effects: What does it do?

The effects of myrcene are perhaps most well-known for inducing “couch-lock,” intensely sedative effects. Not all myrcene cultivars will make you couch-locked, but be prepared to settle in. It’s this sedative effect that relaxes your body and may make you sleepy, which is why many myrcene cultivars are often preferable for afternoon and evening enjoyment.

Is myrcene sativa or indica?

Myrcene is neither sativa nor indica. It’s one of many types of terpenes, which are naturally occurring aromatic chemical compounds. Indica and sativa are used to classify cannabis plants, but terpenes such as myrcene are found throughout the entire plant kingdom.

The distinction between indica and sativa is a bit clumsy when it comes to the effects of a given cultivar. Indica and sativa are morphology classifications, a biology term that means how a plant looks and grows, but it doesn’t tell you much about the cannabinoids or terpenes in your weed. Most plants sold these days are hybridized and true genetic purity of sativa or indica cultivars are rare.

What does myrcene smell like?

Myrcene has an herbal, earthy, and occasionally fruity smell. This variety makes it challenging to pin down, but you can be sure that myrcene is present in most cannabis cultivars on the market today. You may recognize the smell of myrcene from mango, bay leaves, lemongrass, and wild thyme. If you want to get familiar with identifying myrcene based on smell, start in your spice cabinet.

What does myrcene taste like?

Myrcene has a sweet taste overall with a spicy or earthy kick. If you enjoy the earthy fruitiness of a mango, you like the taste of myrcene. You can also taste myrcene in guava as well as the herbs listed above. Chances are, you’ve had myrcene before without even realizing it.

Does myrcene get you high?

No, myrcene doesn’t get you high because terpenes don’t get you high. You get high when consuming weed because of the interaction of THC with your endocannabinoid system. Terpenes don’t interact with your endocannabinoid system (except for beta-caryophyllene, but there’s always one exception to every rule).

Mighty myrcene: abundant and relaxing

Myrcene is the dominant terpene in most commercially grown cannabis, found in both sativa and indica strains alike. But it’s just one of the dozens of terpenes that are found within cannabis and a single piece of the puzzle when it comes to the entourage effect. Whether you’re looking for myrcene-dominant strains or want to avoid this terpene, the budtenders at The Travel Agency can help you find the right cultivar for you.

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