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When it comes to common terpenes in cannabis, limonene makes it to the top three. This delightfully citrusy terpene is often associated with Sativa strains (AKA cultivars) and is responsible for the bright scent of your favorite lemony strains.

Learning how to recognize limonene and its effects in your cannabis products can help you better personalize your consumption. Let’s delve deeper into limonene characteristics and limonene dominant strains.

Lemon Berry Candy

Lemon Berry Candy smells like you would expect – lemons and fruits – until a sharp note of ammonia hits your nose, thanks to the strain’s Skunk lineage. Despite the skunk scent, the effects of Lemon Berry Candy are classic limonene: uplifting, creative, chatty, and euphoric.

Average limonene content: 0.20%

Average THC content: 22%

Average CBD content: 0.1%

Shop Lemon Berry Candy


Super Lemon Haze

Leafly describes Super Lemon Haze as a “kief-caked multi-colored wonder” – and that’s pretty accurate. A lemon-heavy scent and dense trichomes create a flavorful and energetic high experience that’s perfect for those days when you just need to check tasks off your to-do list. Limonene is front and center of the experience, keeping you alert and uplifted for hours.

Average limonene content: 0.74%

Average THC content: 24%

Average CBD content: 0.1%

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Mac Nilla

This unusual strain leads with the scent of vanilla and oranges, hinting at its complex terpene profile. Mac Nilla has a flavor similar to a Nilla wafer, one of the parent strains that takes its name directly from your favorite childhood snack. Limonene appears in the uplifting effects of this strain, and many consumers get a creative burst after a toke or two.

Average limonene content: 0.59%

Average THC content: 20%

Average CBD content: 0%

Shop Mac Nilla



Limonene leads the way in the aroma of Mimosa. While myrcene is the dominant terpene here (as it is in so many cannabis strains), limonene is front and center in both the scent and the taste of this popular strain. Myrcene helps you relax while the limonene keeps you alert and uplifted, a winning combination for any time of day.

Average limonene content: 0.5%

Average THC content: 22%

Average CBD content: 0.1%

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Lemon Mintz

Limonene leads the terpene parade in Lemon Mintz, but the lemon-forward scent hides a rather sedating strain. Limonene delivers an uplifting, euphoric effect as usual, but the other terpenes in this strain, including caryophyllene, work harder to turn your giggly buzz into a gentle bedtime slumber.

Average limonene content: 0.13%

Average THC content: 22%

Average CBD content: 0.7%

Shop Lemon Mintz


Lemon Grab

The scent of lemons is front and center with this citrus-heavy strain. Lemon Grab is an Indica-dominant strain that leans toward relaxation, but limonene does some heavy lifting to keep you alert, social, and uplifting.

Average limonene content: 0.12%

Average THC content: 25%

Average CBD content: 0%

Shop Lemon Grab


Dante’s Inferno

While the name suggests intensity, Dante’s Inferno is best known for its relaxing effects. Limonene peaks through in the citrus notes of this strain’s aroma and keeps the relaxing effects from becoming sedating.

Average limonene content: 0.51%

Average THC content: 30%

Average CBD content: 0.13%

Shop Dante’s Inferno


Strawberry Lemonade

This strain has a sweet and citrus aroma, reminiscent of the drink it takes its name from. It has gently uplifting effects and the limonene pulls its weight in the euphoria-inducing giggles that may appear 30 minutes into your smoke sesh. Strawberry lemonade is a sativa-dominant strain that turns from a head-high into a full-body buzz.

Average limonene content: 1.2%

Average THC content: 22%

Average CBD content: 0%

Shop Strawberry Lemonade


Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel is known for its euphoric effects. This sour and gassy strain is uplifting and many people report a burst of creative energy. Super Sour Diesel may not smell much like limonene, but you’ll certainly feel it when you consume it.

Average limonene content: 0.13%

Average THC content: 24%

Average CBD content: 0.1%

Shop Super Sour Diesel


Strawberry Banana

This sweet strain has more of a fruity aroma than citrus, but don’t let that fool you — limonene makes itself known in the uplifting effects of this strain. The moderate THC content is balanced by the presence of CBG and several other terpenes, making for a peaceful and euphoric experience.

Average limonene content: 0.08%

Average THC content: 21%

Average CBD content: 0%


Quantum Kush

This potent strain doesn’t smell much like lemons — a rich and earthy scent is the first thing that hits your nose — but limonene shines in the effects of this heavy hitter. Quantum Kush will get you high, with average THC percentages in the high 20s, but limonene keeps you chatty and euphoric, delivering an alert and energetic experience.

Average limonene content: 0.11%

Average THC content: 27%

Average CBD content: 0%


What are the effects of limonene?

Limonene is found throughout nature and is in incredibly common terpenes in plants, fruits, and herbs. Because of its prevalence, you’ve likely consumed limonene without even realizing it. In your cannabis experience, limonene is commonly found to be energizing.

Strains with high amounts of limonene may make you feel awake, creative, talkative, or euphoric. Limonene is said to help reduce stress and provide mood-boosting benefits, making it the perfect terpene to reach for on a gray day.

Does limonene smell like lemon?

Yes. Limonene is the second most commonly occurring terpene in nature and is found in the rind of all citrus fruits, including lemons and limes. This terpene is incredibly popular in cleaning products, which is why you see so many lemon-scented items on grocery store shelves.

Is limonene good for relaxation?

It can be. Limonene is often used in aromatherapy for a mental pick-me-up, which can feel relaxing for some folks. Most people find limonene to be quite energizing and euphoric, however, it can be great for helping you power up for a long day.

Remember, though, that general experiences with a certain compound or terpene in cannabis may not be what you feel. Pay attention to how you feel after consuming any limonene strain — you may find that it doesn’t have the same energizing impact.

Exploring terpenes with The Travel Agency

Recognizing the terpenes in your cannabis products and how they contribute to your experiences is the best way to personalize your cannabis routine to your unique needs. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is unique, and the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that help you feel your best is unique too.

Interested in trying limonene strains? The Travel Agency budtenders can help you find your new favorite flower, pre-roll, or hash. Find us in downtown Brooklyn, Union Square, and Fifth Avenue — we’re ready to help you take flight.

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