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What You Can Expect When You Try Granddaddy Purple

When trying Grandaddy Purple, you may feel:




GDP strain facts card

The Grandaddy Purple experience is generally a euphoric one. This indica-leaning classic is said to offer buzzy mental effects combined with a deeply relaxing body high. It’s the muscle-melting — but not mind-melting — session that may be just the ticket for clocking out for the evening. You may also find yourself with a case of the munchies after enjoying this strain, too.

Take a beat after trying your first hit of this strain. Reviewers say this strain’s high can creep up on you, so be sure to wait and see how you feel before trying more.

Remember: No strain experience is precisely guaranteed. You may experience something different from what others say about Grandaddy Purple, and that’s totally OK.

Does Granddaddy Purple make you sleepy?

The deeply physically relaxing properties of Grandaddy Purple may put you in the right state for a good nap. Try a little of this strain and see how it makes you feel before committing to a day out on the town.

Is the Grandaddy Purple strain strong?

Calling a strain “strong” is relative. If you have a lot of cannabis experience, Grandaddy Purple’s lower THC count may not be as effective. For some, though, the amount of THC found in Grandaddy Purple may be just right.

What are some other names for Granddaddy Purple?

This strain may be referred to as Grand Daddy Purp, Grandaddy Purple Kush, or simply GDP.


Granddaddy Purple essentials: What to know before you try


What is Grandaddy Purple’s genetic lineage?

Granddaddy Purple is believed to be a descendant of the Skunk, Mendo Purps, and Afghanistan strains. It rose to fame in 2003, made popular by the cultivator Ken Estes.

How much THC and CBD are in Granddaddy Purple?

The average THC content you can expect to see in Grandaddy Purple starts at around 17%. You may see THC levels as high as 23% or above. The CBD content is typically under 1%.

You can expect slightly different ranges with each strain of Grandaddy Purple you buy. That’s because the final THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid and terpene content is dependent on the conditions in which the strain was cultivated.

What terpenes does Granddaddy Purple have?

You’re most likely to find pinene, caryophyllene, and myrcene in Grandaddy Purple. You may also find higher-than-usual humulene levels in this strain, depending on the harvest. These terpenes contribute to the overall GDP experience, influencing taste, scent, and how you’ll feel.

What does Granddaddy Purple smell and taste like?

Berry and grape notes are prominent in Grandaddy Purple. That scent extends to the flavor — you’ll certainly note the fruity touches when you go to try this strain.

What Granddaddy Purple products can you buy in New York City?

While in New York City, you don’t need to struggle when looking for high-quality Granddaddy Purple products. The Travel Agency is one of the best-licensed cannabis dispensaries in New York City, selling quality Granddaddy Purple products.

Some GDP products you can buy at The Travel Agency in New York City include Granddaddy Purple | Infused | 5pk and Granddaddy Purple | 7pk, among others.

How to shop for Granddaddy Purple at The Travel Agency

Get ready for your travels with us. You can stop by our Union Square flagship at 835 Broadway or our downtown Brooklyn location on Flatbush Ave. from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday. And if your travel plans don’t involve leaving your home, that’s fine, too — we’ll come to you. We offer delivery through our delivery partner, Doobie, throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

At The Travel Agency, we’re proud to carry Grandaddy Purple and many other beloved strains on our expansive menu. Shop products like Ruby’s Grandaddy Purple 7-pack of pre-rolls, or spread your wings and try something new and exciting. No matter where your adventure takes you, The Travel Agency is here to make it happen.

Granddaddy Purple shopping tips

Rest assured that every Grandaddy Purple product you buy is licensed, tested, and among the best that New York has to offer. To that end, we recommend these shopping tips:

Look for test results. Not only do test results tell you precisely which cannabinoids and terpenes are in your Grandaddy Purple product, but they demonstrate that your product is compliantly grown and sold in New York.

Buy from licensed dispensaries. Look for official documentation that says your chosen dispensary is indeed a licensed one. These dispensaries follow all regulations that ensure you’re getting the best quality products. You’ll find ours hanging proudly by the door before you even walk in.

Ask a budtender. Not sure if Grandaddy Purple is right for you? Our budtenders are here to address all your questions about this legendary strain.

Read customer reviews: Grandaddy Purple reviews can give you the best idea of what you’re about to walk into. These experiences can help you decide if this strain is right for your moment.

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