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Weddings are all about celebrating love, and what better way to do that than showering a cannabis-loving couple with gifts that reflect their passion? Whether it’s sleek smoking accessories or gourmet edibles, there’s something special about adding a touch of green to the festivities.

You’ve landed in the right spot if you’re seeking the perfect present for a duo who enjoys a toke or two. Our blog is your go-to destination for curated selections of the finest cannabis wedding gifts, ranging from delectable chocolates to infused oils for two. Explore some unique and thoughtful offerings that help couples celebrate their love in high style.

Ruby Pre-Roll Pack

Price: $14 

RUBY’s two-pack of Blue Dream pre-rolls is made for two — and just right for couples who love to smoke together. Tailored for shared moments of relaxation and joy, the Ruby 2-pack features two 0.5g pre-rolls of the renowned Blue Dream strain, celebrated for its consistent quality and balanced effects. With a distinct sweet berry flavor and Indica-dominant nature, Blue Dream offers a smooth and harmonious high for couples looking to unwind and enjoy a shared moment of peace. Add the Ruby Pre-Roll Pack to your gift or card for a pleasant surprise.


Hepworth Intimate Oil

Price: $81

Consider Hepworth’s Intimate Oil for couples seeking unique and intimate wedding gifts. Packaged in airless containers, each pump delivers a consistent dose of 5mg THC, providing natural lubrication, comfort, and heightened pleasure. It comes in a 30mL bottle with 750mg THC in total. The elegant packaging makes this intimate oil a great gift on its own.


Soft Power Sweets High, I Love You! Chocolate Hearts

Price: $25 per 5-pack

Nothing says congratulations quite like the High, I Love You! Chocolate Hearts by Soft Power Sweets. This charming gift offers a modern twist on the classic Valentine’s Day tin, perfect for celebrating special occasions like weddings. Each tin contains five solid hearts crafted from 65% single-origin Ecuadorian chocolate. Each heart contains 10mg THC, hand-painted in shimmering hues for added effects. Whether indulging in sweet moments or intimacy or simply savoring flavor, these chocolates are sure to make the celebration even more memorable.


Her Highness Thigh High Sesh Candle

Price: $66

Are you looking for a gift that doesn’t involve consumption but still embodies the essence of cannabis culture? Enter the Thigh High Candle by Her Highness, a luxurious addition to any new couple’s home. Standing 18” tall, this candle is more than just a decorative piece; it has a burn time of 250 hours and creates an ambiance to clear the air and set the mood for relaxation and intimacy. Packaged in a beautiful gift box and a refillable gold butane lighter, the Thigh High Candle will impress.


Chef for Higher Honey

Bottle of Chef for Higher Honey, 240mg

Price: $50 

The Chef for Higher Honey is a great wedding gift for couples who like making infusions at home. Made with Linden Honey from upstate New York, this delight has refreshing hints of mint and lemon, adding a unique twist to any culinary creation. Each bottle contains 240mg of THC, with 10mg per teaspoon. Chef for Higher Honey is versatile, serving as a sweetener for teas, sauces, and cocktails, and adding a touch of magic to any couple’s kitchen.


1906 Love Beans

Price: $35 per 20-pack

Crafted from a blend of five exotic herbs known for their love-enhancing properties and infused with cannabis, the Love Beans for Arousal by 1906 are the perfect gift for couples looking to deepen their connection and ignite their passion. Designed to awaken the senses and intensify pleasure, they are fast-acting, with an average onset time of around 20 minutes. The Love Beans contain a perfect balance of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD. Packaged with care, each box offers 20 Love Beans, totaling 100mg THC and 100mg CBD per package.


Go Easy Cloud Pipe

Price: $50

The Go Easy Cloud Pipe is just the right fit for couples who love combining decor with functionality. This beautiful, handcrafted glass pipe shines in all its iridescent glory on a shelf or bedside table. It’s a piece worth displaying, the right housewarming gift for couples moving in together or starting this new chapter of their lives on a high note.


5 ideas for incorporating cannabis into your wedding

Integrating cannabis into your wedding can add a unique and personal touch to your special day. Here are some creative ideas to infuse cannabis into your celebration while also adhering to the legal regulations in New York:

Customer cannabis-inspired invitations: Set the tone for your cannabis-themed wedding by sending invitations featuring cannabis leaf motifs or subtle nods to the plant. Take it a step further and consider printing your invitations on hemp paper.

Signature cannabis cocktails: Work with your caterer to craft signature cocktails infused with CBD or hemp-derived ingredients. These beverages can add a sophisticated touch to your reception.

CBD-infused wedding favors: Give your guests a memorable gift by offering CBD-infused treats or products as wedding favors. This could include CBD-infused chocolates, bath bombs, or a personal favorite.

Cannabis-inspired decor: Incorporating subtle cannabis-themed decor elements throughout your wedding venue, such as leaf motifs on the table setting, bong flower vases, or hemp fabric table runners. Consider (legally) obtaining fan leaves to incorporate into your bouquet or centerpiece for an extra personal touch.

Try a cannabis-friendly venue: Choose a wedding venue that is cannabis-friendly or at least offers a designated smoking area, such as a porch or outdoor space. This allows guests who partake to enjoy the celebration in a legal and comfortable setting.

Offer pre-rolls to attendees: Whether there’s a joint rolling station or you buy pre-rolls to give out, share the cannabis love with your adult guests.

Elevate the celebration with The Travel Agency

When it comes to finding the perfect cannabis-themed gifts for your favorite couple tying the knot, look no further than The Travel Agency. With locations in Union Square, Brooklyn, and Midtown East, we offer a laid-back atmosphere and a selection of goodies sure to bring joy to the heart of any cannabis lover. So why not add a little green to the celebration and shop at The Travel Agency for gifts that truly stand out? And while you’re here, explore other gift guides to find more great gets.

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