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The search is on for the perfect college graduation gift for the smart stoner in our lives. What’s out? Overpriced fountain pens and journals. What’s in? Weed. Our gift picks include everyday items the new grad is sure to use, along with a few cannabis treats they’re sure to appreciate, too.

Aylroom beverages

Ayrloom THC infused beverages.

Price: $3.50 – $5 per can

Toast to the college grad with Aylroom beverages, the perfect gift to celebrate their success without the hangover. These cannabis-infused drinks offer a refreshing and fizzy alternative to alcoholic beverages. They’re a delightful, light experience that won’t weigh you (or your new graduate) down after sipping it. Choose from flavors like Pink Grapefruit,Honeycrisp Apple, Lemonade, Pineapple Mango, and Black Cherry.


Edie Parker Balloon Pipe

Red Balloon piece

Price: $90 

Life after college graduation calls for new accessories. The Edie Parker Balloon Pipe strikes that celebratory mood with a glass pipe they’re sure to treasure. Your grad can leave the pipe on display and not feel rushed to hide it away when people come over. Pair this gift with a half-ounce of their favorite flower, like LivWell’s Mandarin Cookies, so they can put their gift to work right away.


Lobo Presidente Gelato Infused Blunt

Lobo handcrafted blunt

Price: $40 

The Lobo Presidente Gelato Infused Blunt elevates consumption in the very best of ways. Wrapped in hemp paper and finished with a glass tip, this infused “blunt” fits graduation’s celebratory mood by bringing something a little extra to an ordinary pre-roll. It’s infused with kief for an extra kick, so be wary of giving this preroll to an inexperienced smoker.


Plant Person mug

Price: $23.95

We love a subtle reference. Plant-loving grads of all kinds will love drinking their morning (or afternoon, or evening) coffee from a ceramic mug dotted with potted plant illustrations from across the flora kingdom. Get yours from our neighbors at Fishs Eddy.


Bodum Caffettiera French Press

Price: $25

Give your grad the gift of an extra AM boost. A French press makes a perfect companion for the Plant Person mug. The unique color combos of this French press are unique to the MoMA Design Store, ideal for the grad who appreciates the finer points of design. Each French press makes four cups of coffee, enough for a grad to split with their roommate or to tackle solo on those rough mornings. A few drops of Ayrloom Beverage Enhancer in their Java is a nice boost, too.


An eighth from Flowerhouse

Price: $40 

An eighth of Mimosa flower from Flowerhouse is just right for grads who prefer to light up than drink up to celebrate. Bursting with tropical citrus notes, this strain offers a delicious smoking experience softened by hints of earth and pine. Its sativa lineage provides a boost of motivation and creativity, so the grad in your life starts off the next chapter in your life on the right foot.


New Yorker subscription

Price: $74.99 for print and digital access

Keep a new grad informed all year. A subscription to The New Yorker is the right companion for intellectually curious graduates. Unlock a world of stories, podcasts, and original videos that cover the city, the U.S., and the world. With the bonus of a free tote bag, graduates can shlep their essentials while showcasing their appreciation for quality journalism and thought-provoking commentary.


Push pin map

Price: Starting at $80

Wanderlust and new horizons are taken quite literally with a push-pin map. This interactive way lets grads chart their next journey in a way that’s worthy of showing off. It’s also a tangible reminder of past adventures and a source of inspiration for future dream destinations, whether they’re reminiscing about backpacking through Europe or dreaming of exotic destinations yet to be explored. Get yours from Etsy.


1906 Genius Drops

Price: $5 per 4pk 

Remind the college grad of their brilliance with 1906 Genius Drops, a brain-boosting buddy for those ready to conquer the world. Packed with cannabinoids, plant extracts, and a touch of caffeine, these drops are like a magic potion for the mind. They have a quick, 20-minute onset time, so your grad will be ready to brainstorm and focus with clarity, minus the crash or jitters. Each drop contains 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD. Plus, they’re vegan, calorie-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free.


Chocolates from around the world

Price: Varies

Not every chocolate treat has to be the infused kind. A quick trip to Cocoa Store, just six blocks from our Union Square location, offers a world of intriguing and delicious confections for a recent grad. From colorful bonbons (try a gift box entirely in school colors) to dark chocolate bars, Cocoa Store sells products ethically sourced from around the world. For a next-level experience, book a chocolate-tasting session, taken to the next level after a few hits from your favorite vape.


Carpe Every Diem by Robie Rogge

Price: $13.95

This collection of inspirational quotes from more than 100 commencement speeches taps into the spirit of graduation season. Great for the grad who loves curling up with a book and a joint, Carpe Every Diem features passages from former presidents, iconic feminist figures, and even the Muppets get a mention. Get your copy from our neighbors at Strand.

Raise the gift-giving bar

As graduates transition into the next phase of their lives, don’t settle for just any ordinary gift to mark the occasion. The Travel Agency is your destination for presents with a green twist. From edibles to accessories, our curated selection offers an array of cannabis-related gifts that are thoughtful and memorable. Stop by our Union Square, Downtown Brooklyn, or Fifth Avenue locations to browse in person.

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