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Disposable, 510-thread, pods: the THC vape cartridge scene is quite vast. When navigating the cartridges for sale at a New York City dispensary, how do you choose the best one for your goals and needs? We’re here to make the selection process easier.

7 factors to consider when shopping for THC vape carts


Finding the right THC vape cartridge is about tailoring the experience to your preferences. Some things to consider when shopping for vape cartridges include:


Discretion: Do you want something low-profile?

Extract type: Decide between distillate, live rosin, or other options based on your potency and flavor preferences.

Flavors and terpenes: Consider specific profiles that resonate with your palate and experience.

Strain-specific: Do you want straight THC or a vape with the same cannabinoid and terpene ratios as its source cultivar (AKA strain)?

Brand reputation: Opt for brands that prioritize quality and safety. The best way to do this is to shop with a licensed dispensary, where all vape products must be tested before they are sold.

Compatibility: Check if the cartridge fits your existing vape battery or device to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Flexibility: Do you want to stick with a closed, proprietary system, or do you want a wider variety and choices?



Vape carts 101: What to know before you go (to the dispensary)

With some general guideposts in mind, the next step is to move into the nitty-gritty behind how vapes work and your options as you shop.


How do vape carts work?

At the heart of the vape cartridge is a simple yet effective heating system. A battery activates a heating element inside the vape cart. Some batteries are activated with a button, while buttonless models activate when you inhale. The heat turns the cannabis extract into vapor, which you inhale through the mouthpiece attached to the cart.


What’s inside a vape cart?

The type of cannabis concentrate in a vape cart can vary, including:


Distillate: a liquid concentrate of pure THC

Live resin: a concentrate sourced from fresh frozen cannabis that contains most of the same cannabinoids and terpenes as the source strain

Live rosin: a solventless concentrate that contains the same cannabinoids and terpenes as the source strain

CO2 oil: cannabis concentrate made using carbon dioxide as part of the extraction process

THCa diamonds: one of the purest forms of THCa that’s up to 99% pure THC when heated (THCa converts into THC when heated)


Understanding the composition of the vape cart you choose can significantly impact your overall vaping experience.


Are THC vape carts potent?

Yes. Vaping THC concentrates via vaping produces a more potent effect compared to vaping cannabis flower. Concentrates are given their name for a reason — they contain concentrated amounts of THC. Keep this in mind when trying vapes. You may need to consume a lot less of your vape cart than you would flower to achieve the same effects.


It’s important to note that potency varies depending on the specific cartridge and the THC concentration within it. Take a look at the vape cart’s menu description, lab test results, or packaging to see how much THC is in your product.


Additionally, vape carts have a faster onset of effects than products like edibles. You can expect to experience effects within about 15 minutes of inhaling.


Do vape carts smell?

Vape carts produce minimal to no odor, offering a discreet advantage over joints and bongs that’s a huge plus for many folks. There’s no combustion – AKA no lighting anything on fire – which results in no lingering smoke smell. Plus, since you’re not handling any flower, the scent is nowhere near as powerful. The vape isn’t completely odorless, but it’s quite diminished compared to flower and doesn’t linger. This makes vapes an excellent choice for those seeking a low-profile way to enjoy cannabis.


Vape cart types

You’ll find three different types of vape carts


510 thread

510 thread cartridges are the most common and versatile cartridges for sale on the market. Their widespread adaptation can be attributed to their universal compatibility with a wide range of vape batteries, which can be bought at dispensaries, at smoke shops, or online.


The term “510” refers to the connecting thread style, which is an industry-standard. Most vape carts have 510-thread connectors unless otherwise specified. Trusted New York brands like Jaunty and Bison Botanics offer 510 thread cartridges. View all 510 thread cartridges on our menu.



Disposable vape pens are convenient and easy to use. These devices are a single unit, where the battery and vape cart come attached. Disposable vape pens come pre-charged, and some models are rechargeable. Once finished, throw away the vape pen or bring it to a recycling center. Disposable vape pens are a great option for occasional consumers or those who don’t want to buy another reusable battery. AyrloomFlorist Farms, and MFNY are some of the New York brands that offer disposable vapes. View all disposable vapes on our menu.



Proprietary vape cartridges, often called pods or pod systems, offer distinctive designs and connector types. Like Keurig and Nespresso for coffee, these vape carts work within their own self-contained systems. They cannot be used with 510-thread vape carts or batteries. PAX, Heavy Hitters, and Rove are examples of pod vapes.


Pods may not be as versatile as 510 thread vape carts, but they come with their own benefits. These systems allow manufacturers to have more direct control over the quality and authenticity of the pods; PAX Era, for example, has an authenticity detection system built into the pod and battery. Some come with companion apps that have advanced features like precise temperature control and session monitoring.


Why try vape carts?

Vape carts have revolutionized the cannabis consumption experience through their versatility and convenience. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to explore this popular option:


Discreet and lowkey: Vape carts produce minimal odor and smoke, making them ideal for discreet consumption in public settings. They’re perfect if you want to maintain privacy while consuming.

Quick onset: Unlike edibles or capsules, which may take longer to kick in, vape cartridges offer a rapid onset of effects.

Diverse flavors and cultivars: Explore a rich palette of tastes and effects.

No need to grind: Skip rolling, grinding, and all the accessories you need to prepare flower. Vaping is a one-step process.

More potent. If more THC is what you’re after, vape carts fill that need.


How to store vape carts

Maintain the potency and shelf life of your vape cartridges. These steps ensure they stay in optimal condition.


Store upright: This prevents potential leaks or clogs.

Store at room temp: Avoid extremes below 50°F or above 80°F, which can affect oil quality and viscosity.

Store separately from the battery: Disconnect 510-thread carts and pods from the battery when you’re not vaping. If your cart comes with a silicone cover to protect the contact points and mouthpiece, put them back on.

Minimize light exposure: Keep your cartridge in a dark place and away from light so the THC in your vape cart doesn’t degrade.


Do THC vape carts expire?

Over time, all cannabis products, including vape cartridges, can experience a decline in potency and flavor. You can find exact expiration dates on the packaging. However, proper storage can extend shelf life. As a general rule of thumb, if your cartridge is more than a year old, it’s time to consider a replacement.


How to shop for THC vape carts at The Travel Agency

Travel how you like. Shop for THC vape carts in-store, place an order for pickup or order online for delivery. Whether you prefer the experience of browsing in person or the ease of ordering from the comfort of your home, you can make it happen at The Travel Agency.


Embark on your vaping journey

Shop confidently. At The Travel Agency, we’re here to be your travel guide and show you how to navigate your cannabis product options, from vape carts to flower to edibles and everything in between.


Have more questions? Our knowledgeable travel guides are here to offer personalized recommendations and detailed service as you search for the perfect fit. Stop by seven days a week to start your travels.

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