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Just like there’s a learning curve as you first figured out rolling up, vaping cannabis flower takes a bit of practice and know-how. How do you start dry herb vaping, and in some ways more importantly, why should you try it? Let’s get into it:

What is dry herb vaping?

Dry herb vaping refers to using a vaporizer to consume cannabis flower without the smell or mess. You may think of vaping with regard to pre-filled concentrate cartridges, disposable vapes, or electronic dab rigs, but none of those methods involve the flower itself.

How to vape cannabis flower, step-by-step

You should always thoroughly review your device’s instruction manual before your first sesh with it. That said, here are some general steps you can expect while beginning to vape weed.

Step 1: Grind your flower

Just like when you smoke, you need to break each nug into smaller pieces. This increases the flower’s surface area for optimal, even heating. This can make your stash last longer, too, as you’ll waste less flower.

Step 2: Load the flower into the vape chamber

Every flower vape has a compartment for inserting your ground cannabis flower. It’s often called a chamber or an oven. Follow your device’s instruction manual to open the chamber and place the recommended flower inside. Pop the lid back on, and get ready for the ride.

One important note: the chamber gets hot. Be careful not to open the chamber for a few minutes after using your vape. A good rule of thumb is not to open the vape chamber or oven until it’s cool to the touch.

Step 3: Turn on your device

Some dry herb vaporizers turn on by clicking device components together, pressing a button, or pressing a button in a specific sequence. Wait a moment or two before proceeding — most vapes need a minute or so to heat up. Most will vibrate or an indicator light will blink when your weed’s been brought up to temperature.

Step 4: Adjust the temperature

After powering up, many devices have temperature control options. Some are preprogrammed with a few temperatures, while others can be customized in precise one-degree intervals. In either case, the temperature range is ideal for flower, ranging anywhere from the 300s to the 400s Fahrenheit.

It’s best to start on the lowest setting and work your way up to a desired temperature. Lower temperature settings typically support a more flavorful experience as terpenes are less likely to boil off at lower temperatures. Higher temperatures are better for blowing big clouds.

Step 5: Inhale and enjoy

Raise the mouthpiece to your lips and inhale gently. You may find that you need to pull less than you would a vape cart or a joint.

Being a conscious consumer, it’s always advised to start low and go slow with your rips off of the vaporizer. Doing this can save you from consuming too much THC in too short of a timeframe, ensuring a better overall experience.

Why would you vape cannabis flower?

Real talk – why not vape cannabis flower? Dry herb vaping brings a world of benefits with it, including:

Ease of use: Vaping dry herb doesn’t require rolling skills.

Reduced odor: Since flower isn’t fully combusted in a vaporizer, the smell isn’t as strong and it doesn’t linger for long. If discretion is your priority but you love flower, dry herb vaping may be the right fit for your routine.

Precise temperature control: Better temperature management could mean better flavor. Flames can reach temperatures as hot as 2000°F, way hotter than you need to enjoy cannabinoids and terpenes. Most cannabinoids and terpenes are “unlocked” at much lower temperatures — the precise temperatures programmed into your dry herb vape.

Less waste: There are ways to use vaped flower in extractions, edibles, and topical products. You also won’t have roaches accumulating in an ashtray.

Gentler clouds: Vaporization necessitates lower temperatures than smoking, so, while this isn’t guaranteed, your puffs may be a more pleasant experience than a hit of combusted flower off a joint or bong.

What items do you need to vape cannabis flower?

The list of needs for vaping cannabis flower is pretty straightforward! You’ll need:

Flower from The Travel Agency

A grinder of your choice

A dry herb vaporizer

A tray to keep everything organized

The vaporizer charger, if using a portable one

A place to safely store your vape, such as a lockable case

How do vaporizers work?

When you enjoy a joint or take a bong rip, combustion from a flame raises the temperature of THCa molecules. This converts the acidic form of THC into its active form. The activated form is precisely what you need to feel high — and it’s exactly why you won’t get high if you eat a nug of weed straight from the package.

Instead of using a flame to raise your weed to ultra-high temps, dry herb vaping uses lower temperatures to vaporize, instead of combust, cannabinoids for inhalation. The vapor contains the same active THC you’d get from a joint, with all the advantages covered in this guide. Lower temperature consumption may also allow you to consume more temperature-sensitive cannabinoids beyond THC and volatile terpenes.

How different vaporizer designs work

Not all dry herb vaporizers work the same. There are three main ways dry herb vaporizers heat your cannabis.

Convection vaporizers

Convection vaporizers do not heat the cannabis directly, nor does the herb come in contact with any heating elements. Hot air passes over the flower inside the chamber and brings the material to temperature.

Conduction vaporizers

These vaporizers directly heat the cannabis via contact with a hot surface. In a dry herb vape, the flower makes direct contact with the heated walls of the chamber.

Hybrid vaporizers

Put simply, hybrid vaporizers do both. These devices combine conduction and convection methods. They’re not as common as conduction or convection models, but you’ll occasionally find these in smoke shops and dispensaries.

Types and styles of dry herb vaporizers

You’ll find three major dry herb vaporizer styles.

  1. Portable vaporizers

Take dry herb vaporizers to-go for discretion and convenience. Many of these devices fit in the palm of your hand, in your pocket, or in your bag for easy portability. Many of these models have built-in advanced features, such as automatic shut-off, precise temperature control, or companion apps, that pack a lot of high-tech power into a small footprint.

Is it right for you? If you plan to travel with your weed and smoke on the go, with friends, or at events, a portable vaporizer could be the right add to your stash.

Average price point: Portable vaporizers can range from under $100 to $400 or above, depending on the model and features.

Our portable vaporizer pick: [note]

  1. Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers, also called tabletop vaporizers, are larger than their portable counterparts. They’re designed to stay stationary, often plugged into the wall. But what you exchange for portability is made up for in sheer power. Expect huge clouds from a desktop vaporizer.

Is it right for you? If you’re a semi-frequent sesher with a preference for well-built technology, longevity, and power, look into a desktop vaporizer. The only drawback is that it’s not meant for travel, so this is a device to enjoy at home.

Average price point: Desktop vaporizers can range from $100 to $600 and above.

Our desktop vaporizer pick: [same note as above]

  1. Dual use vaporizers

If you like to consume flower and cannabis concentrates, consider a dual-use vaporizer. These devices are made to switch between flower and concentrates, so you get the most mileage out of your device. They can do this with unique attachments built for each kind of product, and switching between them is relatively easy for most models. You’ll find dual-use vaporizers in both portable and desktop varieties.

Is it right for you? If there’s variety in your cannabis routine, a dual-use vaporizer is worth the investment.

Average price point: You’ll find options starting at $100 and going up to $300 or more, before attachments.

Our dual-use vaporizer pick: The Puffco Proxy comes with everything you need to consume concentrates. A separate bowl attachment transforms this clever device into one made for pipeweed, just like the Hobbits intended.

What can you do with vaped weed?

Don’t toss your already vaped bud — AKA your AVB — just yet. You can infuse oils and other ingredients to make edibles or create your own skincare and topicals.

>> Learn how to make edibles with The Travel Agency’s guide to edible-making.

Dry herb vaporization: A novel way to experience cannabis

We’re honored to steward your cannabis journey. Our selection of New York-grown flower promises a ticket to a new dimension, and a quite flavorful one at that with dry herb vaping in the mix.

Stop in and see us seven days a week to speak to one of our travel agents about finding the right flower to get you where you want to go. And if you can’t get out to see us, we’ll come to you: we offer delivery throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and other boroughs coming soon.

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