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The Blog
Indica vs. Sativa: Putting The Myth To Bed
You may have heard the adage: sativa is for head highs and indica is for body highs. Well… that’s not […]
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Team Spotlight – Meet Nadine Rosario-Vieira
Eager to join the industry after about 15 years “orbiting in the world of cannabis,” Nadine Rosario-Vieira is a dispensary […]
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The Consumer’s Guide to Buying PAX Vape Products
PAX is one of the most well-known brands in vaping, and for good reason. Between the sleek design, advanced features, […]
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Spend a Perfect Day in Downtown Brooklyn
Travel opens your mind, as they say — and we couldn’t agree more. We’re exploring other neighborhoods in search of […]
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THC NYC: How To Order Cannabis for Delivery to NYC’s First Weed Museum
Cannabis has influenced — and continues to influence — art, philosophy, and medicine. Its modern history of cannabis prohibition centers […]
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Hudson Cannabis Review: What’s On The Menu in NYC?
Whole flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates await when you shop Hudson Cannabis. Direct from the Hudson Valley, local and long-distance travelers […]
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Hi5 Seltzers: Reviews + Where To Shop
Sip your cannabis as you socialize. THC Beverages are quickly becoming a favorite way to enjoy your weed, without the […]
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Faces Of Cannabis: Miss Grass & The Travel Agency Unite to Combat Stereotypes Around Weed
Art sparks conversation and much-needed social change. And with Miss Grass leading the charge, we’re using art to turn the […]
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The Ultimate CBN Products Guide
Prepare for a deeply relaxing cannabis experience with Cannabinol (CBN). Learn what this cannabinoid does, how to fold it into […]
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