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Flamer is blazing a trail in New York’s vibrant queer cannabis community. As a chosen family owned and operated brand, building a cannabis-centric community is at the heart of Flamer’s ethos — not to mention their unforgettable, flaming red joints. And if Flamer looks familiar, that’s because they’ve been a key part of several events with The Travel Agency, including our 2024 4/20 picnic in Prospect Park.

As for the weed? Flamer offers unique cultivars (strains) you won’t find anywhere else in New York City, some of which are exclusive to us. Read on to learn more.

Flamer pre-rolls available at The Travel Agency

The cannabis used in Flamer’s bright red pre-rolls is sun-grown at Janes Garden, a family-run farm located in the foothills of Hooker Mountain in Schenevus Valley in upstate New York. All Flamer pre-rolls are dyed red using a natural soy-based dye. Patrick Weinert and the Weinert family take lead in cultivating the two strains used in Flamer pre-rolls, channeling their hands-on farming knowledge into growing quality cannabis.

Lobotomy pre-rolls

Flamer’s Lobotomy pre-rolls are ideal for winding down after a taxing day or getting a fix of mindlessness. With flavor notes reminiscent of spice, musk, and sweet citrus, dominant terpenes farnesene, beta-myrcene, and limonene deliver a soothing, chill, and sometimes couch-sinking experience. In Flamer’s words: “feel brain-dead for a lil bit!”

Indulge in a single Lobotomy pre-roll or grab a five-pack. Either way, you’re in for a tranquil escape from the chaos of the big city.

Flamer Lobotomy red Pre Rolls

Flamer single Pre-roll

Indica, sativa, or hybrid: Indica 

Average THC content: 25%

Size: Five 0.5 gram pre-rolls or one 0.75 gram pre-roll

Silly Goofy

Bring the fun to the party with Flamer’s Silly Goofy Pre-roll Pack. These joints promise a giggly, playful journey, with flavor notes of citrus, papaya, and spice to accent the experience. Dominant terpenes include limonene, caryophyllene, and farnesene, supporting a balanced blend of sociability and relaxation.

Flamer puts it a bit more bluntly: “good shit. you’ll have fun and so will your friends.”

Indica, sativa, or hybrid: Sativa-dominant hybrid 

Average THC content: 25%

Size: Five 0.5 g pre-rolls

Flamer flower available at The Travel Agency

Flamer’s whole-flower cannabis is sun-grown and hand-trimmed at Blackbird Gardens, a small farm near Jefferson, New York, in the Empire State’s iconic Catskills.

Happy Chillmore

Happy Chillmore flower embodies the essence of relaxation. Expect your own “serenity now” moment, coupled with a bit of euphoria. Floral, woody, and coffee notes are a hallmark of this strain. Whether you’re unwinding during the day or unplugging for the night, Happy Chillmore meets the moment. This strain is an exclusive with The Travel Agency — you can only try it here.

Indica, sativa, or hybrid: Indica-dominant hybrid 

Average THC content: 26%

Size: 1/8th oz

What our budtenders think: “[This is] definitely an amazing product all around, from flower to packaging! My favorite flower so far amongst everything I’ve tried. The texture and flavor of the flower exhibits the care of the growers fondness toward consumer satisfaction. Very healthy, hearty, great smelling & tasting flower that works hand and hand with the feeling derived from this product, no question.” – Indigo B.

Papaya Candy

Flamer’s Papaya Candy flower is your ticket to productivity and creativity. This strain may support an inspiring burst of euphoria, with notes of sweet tropical fruit salad promising a flavorful experience as well. Try out Papaya Candy if you’re looking for a satisfying high to help you embrace life’s moments with joy and enthusiasm.

Indica, sativa, or hybrid: Sativa-dominant hybrid 

Average THC content: 25%

Size: 1/8th oz

Shop Flamer at The Travel Agency

Whether you’re ready to relax or you’re strapping in for a city-wide adventure, Flamer is a great companion. You’ll find their product line at our Union Square, Downtown Brooklyn, and Fifth Avenue destinations. Shop online for in-store pickup or get delivery throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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