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Tropical gummies, decadent chocolates, sip-worthy seltzers: there’s an edible out there for every New Yorker. With so many options, however, it can take time to determine what edible product is right for you.


Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a curious consumer looking to explore new heights, this guide is your go-to resource for navigating all things edibles in NYC. Join us as we embark on a journey of flavors, effects, and unforgettable experiences at The Travel Agency.


A myth and a fact about THC edibles presented in white and green text on a red-orange background. The headline says "Myth," and the text underneath says "Edibles are stronger than smoking or vaping." A second headline underneath says "fact," and the fact is "Everyone experiences cannabis differently. Your metabolism, what you had to eat that day, and your mindset all influence your experience." Each headline has a green squiggly line underneath it.


What kinds of edibles are out there?

It’s not just brownies. There are many types of edibles available at New York State dispensaries. Weed gummies, chocolates, beverages, and mints are just the tip of the iceberg. Each variety brings its own unique dosing, flavors, and effects that support options no matter your preference.


One thing all edibles have in common, though, is how much THC they can contain. In New York, a package of edibles cannot contain more than 100mg of THC. This total refers to the entire package. So for example, you’ll find 20 servings measuring 5mg of THC each, or 10 servings measuring 10mg of THC each.


What can you expect when you try edibles?

When you consume edibles, THC travels to your stomach, then to your liver before entering your bloodstream and brain. This is generally referred to as the first-pass effect and directly correlates to how you experience cannabis.


During the first pass, THC is converted into a compound called 11-hydroxy-THC, known to have a more potent and longer-lasting effect than delta-9 THC. This circulates through your bloodstream and eventually crosses the blood-brain barrier, interacting with the endocannabinoid system, the network of cannabinoid receptors in our body and brains. So if you’ve heard that edibles have a stronger effect on some people than vaping or flower, this is why.


It’s not always this straightforward, though. It’s important to remember that everyone experiences cannabis differently. How you’ll feel after trying THC edibles and cannabis generally depends on many factors. Your metabolism, what you had to eat that day, and your mindset all steer the ship and influence your experience.


Where can I buy cannabis edibles in NYC?

You can buy cannabis edibles at any licensed, legal dispensary in New York City. Not sure if you’re shopping at a licensed dispensary? Look for a licensed dispensary sticker tag issued by New York State. These are posted at the front entrance and are easy to spot.


14 NY-based cannabis edibles brands to try

New York is a hub for homegrown edible brands. Explore the best that New York has to offer with these 13 locally-grown, made, and loved edibles.


Florist Farms: Focused on sustainable, regenerative farming, Florist Farms offers a variety of gummies, including Peach, Sour Watermelon, and Blueberry Bedtime with added CBN.

TONIC: TONIC is a woman-owned brand focused on balance, comfort, and calm. TONIC offers carefully crafted cannabis products, including Blueberry Peach CHILL gummies with 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.

Love O’uid: A luxury cannabis line developed for women, Loud O’uid offers a few varieties of gummies, including a lychee-flavored energy formula and a sleep formula with a high ratio of CBD to THC.

Ayrloom: While mostly known for their THC-infused beverages, Ayrloom also offers cannabis-infused gummies. With flavors like Orchard Sunrise, Juicy Secret, and Island Time, as well as THC, CBD, and CBN blends, Ayrloom offers something for everyone.

MFNY: Marijuana Farms New York is owned and operated by New Yorkers in Hudson Valley. Their current offerings include 10mg live rosin gummies in Tangerine, Pineapple, and Watermelon. Read our review of MFNY products.”

Jaunty: While most known for their vapes, Jaunty offers 10mg THC gummies and 1:1 Snoozeberry gummies for bedtime. . Jaunty also offers a line called Rezinators, which are gummies infused with solventless hash. Read our review of Jaunty products.

Hysteria: Chocolate bars from Hysteria scratch the itch if you have a sweet tooth. The brand offers milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars.

Harney Brothers Cannabis: Based in Millerton, N.Y., Harney Brothers Cannabis offers raspberry matcha and hot cinnamon flavored gummies, teabags and sparkling water.

Chef for Higher: Adventures in your own kitchen await with Chief For Higher’s infused oils. Available in coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil, use these products to create your own edibles, from cookies to salad dressings to guacamole. Chef For Higher, a legacy lifestyle brand, is proudly based in New York.

Softer Power Sweets: From the visionaries behind one of the first vegan chocolatiers in the United States, Soft Power Sweets offers infused chocolates in delectable, memorable flavors. Share a two-pack with a friend, get a chocolate bar for a crowd, or keep all of it for yourself.

Senior Moments: Geared specifically for the older generation, Senior Moments is an NY cannabis brand focused on consistent, quality products. Their edible offerings include Mingle Mints, Relief Mints, and Time Machine gummies.

Senior Moments: Geared specifically for the older generation, Senior Moments is an NY cannabis brand focused on consistent, quality products. Their edible offerings include Mingle Mints, Relief Mints, and Time Machine gummies. Read our Senior Moments edibles review.

Myhi: Any drink turns into an infused creation with Myhi in the mix. Packaged in a handy straw, mix the water-soluble powder into any beverage, stir, and enjoy.

Nanticoke: Dissolvable and chewable mints from Nanticoke are a great alternative if you prefer to avoid gummies. These fast-acting mints contain 5mg THC per serving.


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How are cannabis edibles tested in New York State?

Although New York has released testing regulations there aren’t any yet that are specific to edibles, the New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) website states that “all cannabis products must pass lab testing before being sold at licensed adult-use or medical dispensaries.” Products are typically tested for potency, contaminants, heavy metals, and water activity (aW), which can affect bacterial growth, among other factors.


How to store your edibles at home

Edibles from a licensed NYC dispensary will have an expiration date listed on the package, but there are environmental factors like light, heat, and air that can degrade product quality. By taking precautions, you’ll prolong the shelf-life of your edibles and preserve their taste, not to mention keep them out of the hands of children and pets.


The best way to store your edibles is in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, air, and moisture. It’s preferable to store them in their original packaging. Consider using a tinted, airtight mason jar and selecting a cool, discreet location. You may also want to consider a lockbox so children and pets can’t get into your stash.


What if I don’t feel anything when I eat edibles?

Everyone feels the effects of edibles differently. While some people may prefer to avoid edibles due to their potent nature, there is an important concept known as “ediblocking,” in which some people don’t feel any effects from edibles. The idea is that those who are “ediblocked” have variations of a key liver enzyme that’s too efficient at breaking down THC. As a result, some bodies naturally “shut off” THC before it ever reaches their bloodstream. Some researchers also believe that certain people cannot process THC at all.


While we still need much more research on ediblocking, it’s clear that everyone experiences edibles in their own unique way. Whether you’re new to cannabis or an experienced vet, it’s best to start low, go slow, and speak with a budtender for guidance when in doubt.

Prepare for your journey with other types of cannabis products

There’s a whole world of cannabis products for you to explore. Take a journey through our guides to learn more about the other products on our menu.


Take flight with NYC’s best edibles at The Travel Agency

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