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Coffee shops and cannabis go together (think Amsterdam vibes), but you don’t need to board a plane to get the same experience. New York City’s Union Square has been a gathering place since the 17th century, so it’s no surprise a cluster of great cafes have cropped up around the park. After you visit The Travel Agency in Union Square, grab a regular or try something new and exciting at one of these local cafe favorites.

1. Catch up on the latest at NewsBar Café

The extensive menu at NewsBar will surely be a top destination for anyone’s taste buds, serving iconic dishes like an elevated, yet classic, tuna melt as well as the latest in coffee creations such as an Iced Turmeric Lavender Latte with Coconut Milk. For a sweet tooth fix, fly non-stop to their Fat & Fluffy French Toast. NewsBar has been around for almost 30 years and is perfect for early birds, opening at 6:30 a.m. sharp and running until the late afternoon.

Visit NewsBar at 107 University Place between E 12th and E 13th Streets.

2. Travel continents at Patisserie Fouet

This stop is anything but basic. French meets Japanese at Patisserie Fouet and the result is très oishii (a French/Japanese fusion meaning “very delicious.”) You don’t have to be fluent in multiple languages to love this cafe, though — your eyes will do the ordering.

This chic space serves up everything a step above. Even the staples get the upscale treatment: get hot chocolate made vegan with an added shot of whiskey or VIP B.L.T. with avocado and tomato-garlic aioli. Some of our international faves include the mochi macarons, yuzu green tea petit gâteaux (small cakes), and the sesame apricot verrines, served in a shot-like glass.

You can find Patisserie Fouet at 15 E 13th St.

3. Le Café Coffee

Put on your fancy pants and make your way to Le Café Coffee for an upscale experience. The space is designed beautifully and the colorful pastries and sandwiches are baked daily from all organic ingredients. The shop has expanded across Manhattan, but the OG took off right here in Union Square in 2013. Our top 3 treats: Iced Matcha, Banana Toast (Nutella, anyone?), and the almond croissant.

Le Café Coffee can be found at 7 E 14th St., just a half-block from Union Square Park.

4. Get lost and found at CupSoul Cafe

Now boarding your flight to a baked goods haven. This Greek family-run cafe poured its soul into the five-star croissants, fresh sandwiches, specialty beverages, donuts, muffins, cookies, and so, so much more. If you have the unnerving restraint to only pick one pairing for your stay at CupSoul Cafe, you can’t go wrong with a matcha latte and the olive oil bundt. If you’re arriving from a red-eye, the doors open at 7 a.m. to welcome you home.

CupSoul Cafe is located at 165 3rd Ave., on the corner of E 16th St.

5. Sip a cup at Joe Coffee Company

Joe Coffee was born in Greenwich Village 20 years ago and has become a staple across the boroughs since. If you want a straightforward, yet exquisitely-brewed cup o’ Joe, this is your go-to. Bonus: if you’re more of a homebody, the shop also has you covered with to-go gear and beans to DIY your own cup of Joe Coffee. The Village coffee blend is a favorite pick-up; the flavor palette is a balance of florals, dried fruit, and milk chocolate.

Joe Coffee can be found at 29 Union Square West.

6. Try a different kind of high tea at Lady Mendl’s

The tea may not be infused, but you’ll indulge in a whole other kind of experience at Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon. Look for a small teacup engraved on a door at Irving Place and 17th Street, and you know you’ve made it. Step inside to time travel back to the Victorian era for afternoon tea service.

At Lady Mendl’s, the Gilded Age has met its match with this 5-course prix fixe menu that serves up glamor in the form of exquisite tea sandwiches, floral cocktails, and, of course, centerpiece teas. Reservations are highly recommended, but a worthy stop for an afternoon adventure.

Lady Mendl’s is located at 56 Irving Place, by E 17th St.

7. Get a taste of home at OCAFE

Nothing tastes as good as home and the team behind OCAFE takes that to heart. Not only does the shop focus on ecologically responsible practices and fair trade, the ingredients come from the neighboring Union Square market and the Finger Lakes region. Pick up the compostable silverware and dive into a whipped ricotta bowl or stir up a bahia latte with dark chocolate.

OCAFE can be found at 482 6th Ave., between W 12th and W 11th streets.

8. Sammy L Coffee

Pack your appetite and shopping bags: this place is more than just a cafe. Sammy Lin created a coffee shop that is part art museum, part clothing boutique, part Asian bodega, and wrapped it all up in an out-of-this-world international menu. Sushi meets tiramisu, bubble tea clinks with the whipped cream goodness of Vienna coffee, and freshly-made paninis and pastries span from day to night. Definitely consider becoming a frequent flyer here.

Sammy L Coffee is located at 83 3rd Ave.

Where to next?

Whether you’ve met up with like-minded travelers or are venturing solo, we welcome you at The Travel Agency to complete your local tour and pick up the perfect pairing for your to-go cup of goodness — perhaps some edibles or a pre-roll with your coffee.

With coffee in hand and cannabis in your bag, the city is your oyster now, so here’s a guide on how to spend the rest of your day while high in NYC.

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