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From sparking seltzers to energy drinks, a cannabis revolution is brewing in New York City. Redefine how you unwind and rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of the city with this THC drinks guide.

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4 THC beverage brands you can buy at The Travel Agency

From sparking THC-infused waters to flavorful energy drinks, the brands available at Union Square offer a unique way to experience the benefits of cannabis in a refreshing and convenient form. Some of the most common THC drink brands you can buy at The Travel Agency include:



For more than 110 years, the family behind Ayrloom Drinks has been a proud member of New York’s farming community. Since their launch earlier this year, their line of 1:1 THC: CBD-infused drinks has quickly become a fan favorite. Each of their flavors promises a delightful, refreshing experience. Ayrloom cans contain 5mg THC and 5mg CBD each for a harmonious journey.

Harney Brothers

Sourced from cannabis grown in Millerton, N.Y., Harney Brothers Cannabis is a proud New York brand featuring a line of unique beverage products. Single-serving 5mg Orange Mango sparkling water is ready to go out of the can. For a more relaxing and ritualistic experience, Harney Brothers offers a line of infused teas, with options for sleep, daytime, and creativity.



For a milder experience (and a light buzz), try one of Cann’s artisan flavors. Each Cann contains 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD, a balanced alternative formulated to support the founders’ aim to challenge folks to rethink their relationship with alcohol. These low-calorie, microdosed drinks come in unique flavors like Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange Cardamom, and Grapefruit Rosemary. Curious about Cann? Read our review.


Hi5’s infused drinks lineup encompasses seltzers, sodas, and energy drinks — a little something for everyone. For those leaning toward seltzer, flavors like lime, peach mango, and watermelon await. If you prefer soda, you can indulge in classics such as cherry cola and lemon-lime. Hi5 also offers energy drinks that come in both regular and sugar-free options. With a consistent dose of 5mg THC, Hi5 beverages provide a controlled and enjoyable cannabis experience.


THC drinks 101

THC beverages, or cannabis-infused drinks, are an increasingly popular way to enjoy cannabis. Unlike solid edibles, liquids like seltzers and sodas use a water-soluble form of THC. This innovation was key to unlocking beverages’ popularity; since THC is a fat-soluble substance by nature, it was quite difficult to make beverages before the development and adoption of water-soluble cannabinoids.


What generally sets drinks apart from other edibles is their quick onset time. That’s because THC beverages are absorbed into your bloodstream through your mouth, esophagus, and stomach tissues as you drink them. The potency and onset time can vary depending on your metabolism, the dosage of the drink, and your tolerance.


The rise of THC drinks: Why are they so popular?

THC beverages are captivating the curiosity of both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers. The global cannabis beverage market is skyrocketing: it was worth $915 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $19 billion by 2028. Here’s why dispensary shoppers are reaching for cans over bongs.


  • Discretion and convenience: Unlike smoking or vaping, which can be more conspicuous, beverages let you enjoy the effects of cannabis without breaking out a bunch of accessories. Plus, unlike an edible that takes just a few seconds to eat, you can sip your beverage over a longer period.

  • New and exciting experience: The concept of sipping a cannabis-infused beverage introduces an element of novelty and sophistication to the cannabis experience. This can be a significant draw for consumers looking for something beyond traditional consumption methods.

  • Alternative to alcohol: Lots of folks are drawn to the idea of a social, recreational beverage that provides a milder, more controlled experience than alcohol. This attitude may be called the “California sober” lifestyle, but New Yorkers from all walks of life are embracing this mindful approach to drinking, too. If you’re at an event or a party and don’t want to drink, you still get to hold a THC beverage in the crowd. Bonus: you can skip the hangover.




Redefining relaxation: a new experience awaits at The Travel Agency

Innovative, refreshing, and crafted with precision, cannabis-infused beverages are redefining relaxation in NYC and beyond. To experience these pioneering products yourself, don’t wait! Order now from The Travel Agency for swift pickup and convenient delivery, or visit our flagship Union Square location in person at 835 Broadway.

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