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Actress, comedian, and writer Amy Sedaris brought the sunshine to The Travel Agency on Sept. 26th, where she appeared as the dispensary’s inaugural “Guest Travel Agent” for the evening. How did she get this gig? Well… “They invited me. I shop here.”

Despite the gloomy forecast, hundreds of customers formed a line down E 13th Street to learn more about cannabis from Sedaris. Known for her roles in TV shows like Bojack HorsemanAt Home with Amy Sedaris, and Strangers with Candy, the latter two of which she wrote and starred in, Sedaris brought her humor, wit, and her take on cannabis to a sold-out crowd.

“Tonight was momentous for many reasons,” said Arana Hankin-Biggers, President of The Travel Agency. “It was amazing to see lines around the block for people eager to meet Amy, especially in a city like New York where it usually takes a lot to get people excited. We want our customers to be confident that they will have a unique experience and be able to purchase safe, tested, and quality New York products, and having Amy here with us helps to amplify that message of normalizing and destigmatizing cannabis,” she concluded.

Amy aligns perfectly with our mission and purpose. Amy noted, “You know, the money [from purchases at The Travel Agency] goes to helping people, homeless people, who have been in jail before because of pot. So it’s a good cause,” she said. “And it’s women-run. Yeah, so that’s another plus.”

As a guest travel agent — The Travel Agency’s term for “budtenders” who work with customers in the shop — Sedaris stepped behind the counter to talk with customers as they browsed the dispensary’s extensive menu. Whether traveling by Sour Diesel or Super Lemon Haze, customers got Sedaris’ take on their purchases and heard first-hand accounts of the comedian’s love of and appreciation for all things cannabis. “This is the best job ever!” she exclaimed after a tour of the shop’s flower room. When it comes to consumption methods, Amy says she prefers flower because “I just like it old school.”

Sedaris has not been shy about her love of cannabis over the years. Cannabis often comes up in quips in interviews, joking about spending extra cash on weed or cracking jokes about how she’s “too old to smoke pot.” (Spoiler alert: nobody’s too old to try cannabis.) In 2019, she told The Cut “I’m not a big drinker. I still like weed.” (We have THC drinks for that)

Aside from her appreciation of cannabis, Sedaris’ role as a Guest Travel Agent at The Travel Agency speaks to a long and fruitful relationship between cannabis and comedy. For decades, cinema, TV, and standup acts embraced how cannabis opens a gateway to creativity, fun, and laughing, easing stress and fostering connections between fellow funny folks.

Artists as legendary as Robin Williams and George Carlin regularly spoke about their cannabis consumption on stage. As one of the first licensed cannabis dispensaries in New York City, The Travel Agency is proud to continue that tradition, recently sponsoring Hot Box with Danit Sibs.

Thank you, Amy, for taking off with us. Safe travels.

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