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Cannabis and laughter go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that the plant has always been part of the comedy world. After all, what better way to turn a case of the giggles into raucous laughter than just the right type of weed? If you’re a fan of both comedy and cannabis, you’re in luck at The Travel Agency, where plenty of great New York City comedy clubs are just a stone’s throw away from the dispensary.

Or, for a great way to cap the weekend, swing by on Sunday nights for Secret Sauce at Beauty Bar, located at 231 E 14th St., for a free comedy show featuring some of the best stand-up comedians around, sponsored by The Travel Agency.


An image with red text on a cream-colored background. An image of a blue sky with fluffy white clouds is embedded in the middle. Overlaid in red text, the image says "Stop by Secret Sauce at Beauty Bar on Sunday nights for a free comedy show!


Stoner comedy movies, TV, and standup to enjoy

From cult classic stoner films to the countless standup acts that center around cannabis, to the comedians who launched their brands, there’s no denying the connection between the worlds of cannabis and comedy. There’s an endless list of comedians who either speak openly about their love of cannabis or incorporate that view into their work. Catch up on your pop culture stoner lore with some of our favorite movies, TV shows, and bits.


Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke (1978)

A pioneering moment in the stoner comedy genre comes from the iconic Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong in their debut film Up In Smoke. In the film, the pair end up smuggling a van made of cannabis — unbeknownst to them — from Mexico to LA, pursued by a bumbling police sergeant all the way. The movie is undeniably a groundbreaking moment in the history of stoner culture gone mainstream, and Cheech and Chong remain household names linked with cannabis to this day.

Dazed and Confused (1993)

The coming-of-age comedy follows several groups of friends on their last day of school in Austin in 1976. The cast features big names like Matthew McConaughey — whose character loved weed — Milla Jovovich, Parker Posey, and Ben Affleck. And there was a lot of weed involved in filming — so much, in fact, that the cast claims they ran out. Alright, alright, alright.

Half Baked (1998)

Featuring iconic comedian Dave Chappelle and SNL alum Jim Brewer, Half Baked features potheads-turned-dealers to raise bail money for a friend. But of course, this cult hit doesn’t end there: the friends attract the ire of another seller who soon extorts them. The movie follows the fallout of their decisions as the friends work to bail out their friend.

How High (2001)

This stoner comedy follows Method Man and Redman playing the roles of friends Silas and Jamal. These two friends smoke some very special cannabis that allows them to see the ghost of their departed friend, a brainiac that helps these ne’er do well pals ace a Harvard entrance exam. Once there, the duo turns the stuffy Ivy League culture on its head with some wacky weed-fueled antics. Written by Dustin Lee Abrahama and directed by Jesse Dylan, How High is a laugh-filled romp that pokes fun at the traditions of elite colleges and touches on some serious real-world issues with humor.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)

Starring Kal Penn and John Cho in two of their earlier roles, this iconic stoner film follows the exploits of Harold Lee and Kumar Patel as they get stoned and travel throughout New Jersey in search of burgers. Naturally, hijinks ensue as Harold and Kumar run into all kinds of obstacles, from the police to a raccoon to Neil Patrick Harris. The franchise struck a chord and rolled out (or rolled up) two more films: Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008) and A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011).

Pineapple Express (2008)

A wild, off-the-rails story centering around the famed cannabis strain Pineapple Express, this 2008 film written by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Judd Apatow features Rogen and James Franco as their characters are pursued by an organized crime syndicate after they accidentally witness a murder. Cannabis is central to this laugh-filled movie — and to much of Rogen’s work — proving that the stoner comedy is as much a modern marvel as it is a timeless classic.

Broad City (2014-2019)

Cannabis is central to the iconic New York City duo that makes up Broad City, Ilana Wexler (played by Ilana Glazer) and Abbi Abrams (played by Abbi Jacobson). Playing “heightened” versions of themselves, many of the modern-day dynamic duo’s city adventures are accentuated by their love of the plant. From a Lil’ Wayne concert to a day in Central Park, few moments throughout Broad City’s five seasons are left untouched by cannabis, making it one a truly funny stoner TV show for the millennial era.

High Maintenance (2016-2020)

This HBO comedy focuses on the role of the weed delivery person, called The Guy, in a pre-legalization New York City. Throughout the show’s four seasons, the show highlights and uplifts the role of cannabis in the lives of everyday New Yorkers from all backgrounds. And while delivery might be a lot easier to get now, this show is a reminder that cannabis has always been a part of life in New York City.

Robin Williams

A legend in comedy and film, Robin Williams was no stranger to cannabis, and it periodically appeared in his acts. Characteristically, Williams wrestled with heavy themes like cannabis prohibition while keeping sold-out crowds in stitches. An unforgettable Robin Williams joke about cannabis comes from his Live At The Met performance in 1986 — in the midst of the Just Say No era — where he compares weed and alcohol and the differences between the two experiences.



Margaret Cho

The iconic queer comedian often discusses how cannabis “enhances her life,” from addressing sleeplessness to enhancing her sex life. She often discusses the role cannabis played in helping her ease into the stand-up comedy scene, especially as someone less than enthusiastic about drinking alcohol. Her love of cannabis has made its way into her work as well, even developing a pilot, called Highland, about a family with a medical cannabis dispensary in California.

George Carlin

The comedy legend was best known for skewering society in silly and poetic rants, and he didn’t shy away from commenting on cannabis. While Carlin’s jokes about cannabis are few and far between, he did offer some insight into how his consumption impacted his art. Carlin famously said that weed probably helped his performances as much as it hurt them, stating “When you’re high, it’s easy to kid yourself about how clever certain mediocre pieces of material are … but, on the other hand, pot opens windows and doors that you may not be able to get through any other way.”



Doug Benson

The Last Comic Standing finalist’s career has been shaped by his love of the plant. He’s written and starred in several shows that center on cannabis, including the Getting Doug With High web series, The High Court With Doug Benson TV show, and the 2007 parody documentary Super High Me. He’s perhaps most known for his Doug Loves Movies podcast, where he talks about films with special guests.

“4/20 is like my Christmas,” Benson told High Times in 2020. We get it.


Want to share some of your most memorable movies or bits about cannabis? Follow The Travel Agency on Instagram and let us know which of your favorites never fail to get a laugh.


Comedy clubs near The Travel Agency

If you’re looking for laughs after your trip to the dispensary, you’re in luck! Just steps from the 4/5/6 and N/Q/R/W lines, The Travel Agency is located near five great NYC comedy clubs that offer a fun night out with some side-splitting acts. Check these spots out after you stock up.


Comedy Cellar: If you know stand-up comedy, then you know the Comedy Cellar, located at 117 MacDougal St. This iconic spot opened its doors in 1981 and has hosted some of the biggest names in comedy, many of whom got their start right in front of the club’s exposed brick and stained glass. There’s always a reason to swing by the Comedy Cellar with shows nightly, so stop in and see what makes this legendary location the place to laugh out loud. 

New York Comedy Club: New York Comedy Club’s Midtown location is just around the corner from The Travel Agency at 241 East 24th St. Founded in 1989, New York Comedy Club is a staple of NYC’s comedy scene and an experience not to be missed for comedy fans of all varieties. Put your new cannabis products to good use and catch a show any night of the week at this well-known club, where you can encounter up-and-comers and comedy greats alike. 

St. Marks Comedy Club: If you’re looking for great comedy with a speakeasy atmosphere, look no further than St. Marks Comedy Club. Located in the East Village at 12 St. Marks Place, it’s just a short trip from The Travel Agency. Whether you want to catch an independently produced show or some of the biggest names in comedy from Comedy Central and Netflix, St. Marks has got it all.  

The Stand NYC: Prefer to enjoy brunch or dinner with a side of laughs? The Stand NYC is a restaurant and comedy club located at 116 E 16th St. that’s been a go-to spot in the NYC comedy scene for years. Owned and operated by brothers Cris Italia, Paul Italia, and Patrick Milligan, The Stand NYC was named the best comedy venue in NYC by both New York Magazine and TimeoutNY, so you’ll be sure to have a blast. 

Gotham Comedy Club: Serving up laughs since 1996, Gotham Comedy Club has featured massive names in comedy like Sarah Silverman and Kevin Hart since it first opened its doors. Gotham Comedy Club brings an upscale atmosphere to the NYC comedy scene, making it a great choice for a date night or classy evening out. Located at 208 W 23rd St., Gotham Comedy Club is a quick trip uptown from The Travel Agency, so stop in and grab your favorite cannabis products before you head over for some of the best jokes in town.


Each of these clubs offers its own unique atmosphere and adds to the rich history of NYC comedy. Check them out for an unforgettable evening filled with laughter. Or, for a great way to cap the weekend, swing by on Sunday nights for Secret Sauce at Beauty Bar, located at 231 E 14th St., for a free comedy show featuring some of the best stand-up comedians around, sponsored by The Travel Agency.


Shop The Travel Agency before your next comedy outing

If you’re planning a trip to a comedy club or just a casual night watching your favorite funny film, The Travel Agency has the cannabis supplies you need to elevate your evening. Stop in to shop our wide selection of cannabis products and hear what our expert budtenders think about the best pairings for a night of laughs.

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