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What You Can Expect When You Try Sour Diesel

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According to legend, Sour Diesel is one of New York’s most iconic cannabis gems. But that’s not the only thing that makes it special. Since the ‘90s, it’s been known by many as a “secret weapon for mornings,” a sativa-dominant strain offering a great way to kickstart the day. A surge of mental clarity and an electrifying boost propels you into a realm of unparalleled productivity and go-go-go energy.

The aroma alone, a unique blend of diesel and citrus, teases the Sour Diesel experience, paying homage to the name with a diesel smell plus a little touch of pine. It’s not just a strain — Sour Diesel is an attitude adjustment and a catalyst for seizing the day.

Remember: There’s no universal experience when it comes to any cannabis strain (cultivar). You may have a different experience when you try Sour Diesel — and that’s OK!

Why is Sour Diesel so popular?

The popularity of Sour Diesel can be attributed to its pungent aroma, potent effects, and unique flavor profile. The strain’s intense and recognizable scent and storied effects are so popular, that legend says New Yorkers would turn “sour” over who got their hands on this strain, setting off a craze in its earliest years.

Is Sour Diesel an indica or sativa?

Sour Diesel is classified as a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Its impressive 90:10 sativa to indica composition reflects its overwhelming sativa dominance, which sets the tone for the strain’s energizing and uplifting effects.

It’s good to remember, though, that the effects associated with indica, sativa, and hybrid labels are not a guarantee of how you’ll feel. These categories refer to plant genetics, and not the cannabinoids and terpenes that actually shape your experience.

Sour Diesel Essentials: What You Need To Know Before You Try

What are the parent strains of Sour Diesel?

Sour Diesel is a hybrid strain created by the union of Chemdawg and Super Skunk. This carefully curated combination gives this iconic strain its distinct profile and effects.

How much THC does Sour Diesel have?

Sour Diesel is known for packing a punch, often boasting levels of around 26%, but lower amounts of around 17% or 18% are not uncommon. The precise THC content of the Sour Diesel product you buy will vary by nature. Check the test results that come with your product to get precise results.

What terpenes are in Sour Diesel?

Sour Diesel showcases a rich and diverse terpene profile. The dominant terpenes are caryophyllene, known for its spicy and peppery notes; myrcene, which contributes to the strain’s earthy and musky undertones; and limonene, which provides a citrusy and zesty aroma. This complex terpene composition adds depth to the overall sensory experience of the Sour Diesel strain.

What does Sour Diesel smell like?

Sour Diesel boasts a very identifiable skunky diesel odor. The strain’s scent is distinctive and unmistakable, distinguished by earthy and diesel notes with just a hint of dank sweetness.

What Sour Diesel products can you buy in New York City?

You can find a variety of Sour Diesel products at The Travel Agency, in the heart of this strain’s rumored origin city. Some of the options on our expansive menu include:

Packwoods Sour Diesel Disposable Vape 

Waahoo Sour Diesel Cartridge 

Dank. By Definition Sour Diesel Infused Blunt 

How to shop for Sour Diesel at The Travel Agency

No need to fight over limited supply. Shopping for Sour Diesel has never been easier with The Travel Agency. If you’re in a hurry, our seamless online ordering system lets you reserve your Sour Diesel products with a few easy clicks. Make your selection online, and then head to our Union Square location for a quick pickup.

If you want to stay in, our cannabis delivery service provides the option of bringing Sour Diesel straight to your doorstep. Same-day delivery is available seven days a week. Of course, you can also savor the experience of in-person shopping. We welcome you to explore our Union Square flagship and our Downtown Brooklyn spot.

P.S.: Don’t forget to sign up for our Travel Club program to get the latest information on Sour Diesel and the many new products arriving daily on our menu.

Sour Diesel shopping tips

Always check the test results: Cannabinoid and terpene content is spelled out in the test results. Check these out to know the precise percentages in the Sour Diesel items you take home.

Read reviews before you shop: Tap into the collective wisdom of your fellow travelers by delivering reviews and testimonials about Sour Diesel before you make your purchase. This insight tells you what to expect and helps guide your selection for a satisfying sesh.

When in doubt, ask a budtender: We’re here to guide you. Our budtenders take questions big and small.

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