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While Union Square is our home port, there are a lot of shopping terminals nearby that receive a 5-star rating from us. On days without Farmer’s Market on our doorstep, we suggest these stops for all your non-cannabis travel supplies.

Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy has as intriguing of a name as it has a history. For more than 36 years, it has provided collectors, decorators, amateur chefs, and the rest of the city with notable dishware and accessories from famed local restaurants. These aren’t just leftover plates, trinkets, and art — each piece is a feast of stories. If you want to pack something truly unique in New York, this is the spot.

Fishs Eddy address: 889 Broadway

Distance from The Travel Agency: 6 ½ blocks

Store highlights: Set the table like the Vanderbilts.

Academy Records

If you’re convinced you were born in the wrong decade or just love the sights and sounds of nostalgia, Academy Records is your finish line. The collections and rare finds of CDs, DVDs, and vinyl will spin you right around in the best way. This treasure trove has been at its location for over 40 years and continues to trade, buy, and sell cinema classics and musical masterpieces.

Academy Records address: 12 West 18th Street

Distance from The Travel Agency: 7 blocks

Store highlights: That record you’ve been trying to find? It’s been here all along.

Rothmans Clothing

Clothes make the man — or is it the other way around? Rothmans has been a family-owned men’s clothing HQ in the making since Harry Rothman opened his first store on Bleecker Street in 1926. In 1986, his grandsons opened the Union Square shop, and have been rotating seasonal collections ever since.

Rothmans Address: 222 Park Ave. South

Distance from The Travel Agency: 6 blocks

Store highlights: Style your outfit with timeless pieces that embody both heritage and today’s trends.

A Sustainable Village

Travel isn’t possible if you’re not helping to preserve our earth. That’s why A Sustainable Village is our go-to for reducing plastics and refilling recycled containers. The Refill Station offers hand and dish soap, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, and toothpaste for zero-waste shopping.

A Sustainable Village Address: 50 University Place

Distance from The Travel Agency: 4 blocks

Store highlights: Fight climate change one refilled bottle at a time at this independently-owned village shop.

Cocoa Store

If you want the best of the best chocolatiers in the world, schedule your trip to Cocoa Store ASAP. This is not just a place where to get chocolate candies, but a chocolate experience. Cocoa Store imports fine cocoa bean products from around the world. They offer an ever-evolving and rotating selection of products. It’s almost like you’ve never really had chocolate before this destination.

Cocoa Store Address: 873 Broadway, 6th floor

Distance from The Travel Agency: 6 blocks

Store highlights: Let your worldwide chocolate dreams come true locally.

Dr. Martens

Stomp right in. You know them, you love them: pick up an iconic pair of boots steps from our Union Square dispensary (and show us your new shoes while you’re at it). The staff will gladly help you find your perfect first pair to break in or help you replace the one that’s finally given in after a decade.

Dr. Martens Address: 868 Broadway

Distance from The Travel Agency: 5 blocks, right across the park

Store highlights: This Docs “office” has customization events to make your pair even more iconic.

Whiskers Holistic Petcare

There are more well-known pet stores in Union Square, but none compare to this family-run shop. Since 1988, Whiskers Holistic Petcare has been providing the neighborhood with alternative, natural animal care products. The shelves are packed with non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and homeopathic foods, supplements, and more. They also carry fresh and frozen meats and meals for your furry babies. Stop by for the usual and unusual — and to pet the adoptable rescues.

Whiskers Holistic Petcare Address: 235 E 9th Street

Distance from The Travel Agency: 7 blocks

Store highlights: Be sure to check out the actual store, not just online, for lovingly hand-made cat toys from local craftsmen.

Forbidden Planet

Comic book lovers and movie fans, assemble! Traveling to Forbidden Planet is a non-stop express to a world of gaming, manga, books, toys, clothing, and collectibles. Whatever your genre is, your journey will be successful.

Forbidden Planet address: 832 Broadway

Distance from The Travel Agency: About 220 feet

Store highlights: Dive deep into your nerdom — try thumbing through a new comic book after enjoying a preroll from The Travel Agency.

Books of Wonder

You can’t talk about bookstores in Union Square without The Strand — but if you’ve already browsed all those aisles, may we suggest a trip to Books of Wonder. Aside from their huge selection of books for young readers, this spot is known for its collections. These shelves are full of vintage and rare finds that will take you on a literary expedition you’ll tell stories about for years to come.

Books of Wonder address: 42 W 17th Street

Distance from The Travel Agency: 7 blocks

Store highlights: Discover new books and collectible editions for young (and the young-at-heart) readers.

Complete your shopping list at The Travel Agency

When you’ve completed your shopping itinerary, don’t forget to stop for premium cannabis in Union Square finally. The Travel Agency is the perfect connecting flight between shopping and further Union Square sightseeing. The world is your oyster once you’re all set with flower, vaporizers, or edibles in hand. And who knows — maybe your tour will take you to one of our favorite Union Square cafes or a Union Square comedy club.

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