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Sip your cannabis as you socialize. THC Beverages are quickly becoming a favorite way to enjoy your weed, without the lighters, pipes, or rolling papers.

Hi5 infused seltzers are one of the options you’ll find on our menu. Learn more about how these products work and what our budtenders have to say about them.

Learn more about Hi5 Seltzers

Originally developed by Theory Wellness, Hi5 cannabis beverages are fast-acting THC drinks developed to deliver predictable effects within minutes of consumption. Their line of seltzers is sugar-free and calorie-free, while their sodas and energy drinks offer a delicious twist to your typical routine. Hi5 initially launched in Massachusetts and has since made its way to Maine and now to New York City.

Hi5 Seltzer drink reviews

Hi5 seltzers are available in single cans that deliver a consistent 5mg of THC per serving — no measuring or pouring needed.

Peach Mango


The Peach Mango Hi5 Seltzer offers euphoric and blissful effects with the all-natural essence of tango mango and juicy peach. This lively and refreshing flavor delivers without any sugar or calories, a truly satisfying and refreshing experience for any time of day.

Total serving size: 5mg THC per can

Who should try it? If you love your drinks with a tropical twist, Peach Mango should be on your must-try flavors list.

What The Travel Agency customers have to say:

Black Cherry

Black cherry flavored drinks are as quintessentially New York as full sour pickles and pastrami, and now, you can pair your own deli delights with a cannabis-infused twist. Hi5’s Black Cherry Seltzer delivers 5mg of THC with the rich flavor of all-natural black cherry. As you drink, you can expect an interplay of tart and dark notes that make black cherry such a beloved favorite. Each sip promises a fast-acting journey of enjoyment and ease.

Total serving size: 5mg THC

Who should try it? Anyone who’s cracked open a Dr. Brown’s is sure to appreciate the black cherry notes in this weed-infused delight.

What The Travel Agency customers have to say: 

How to purchase Hi5 Seltzers at The Travel Agency

First things first; always shop from a licensed dispensary like ours. That’s the best way to guarantee that your Hi5 products are genuine and produced right here in the Empire State.

We make it easy to shop, too.

Payment options: At The Travel Agency, we accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards (Visa or Mastercard). Come prepared: we do not accept Apple Pay, American Express, or Discover.

Order in advance: In addition to in-store shopping, our online pre-ordering system allows you to browse our selection, make your choices, and pay online for in-store pick-up.

Get Hi5 delivered: Manhattanites and Brooklynites don’t need to go very far to travel. Same-day delivery brings the adventure to you in the blink of an eye.

Other infused beverage options at The Travel Agency

Our drinks menu has a little something for everybody. Available in a convenient single can format, you can pick up a few brands alongside your Hi5 order to try an array of delicious options. Choose from:

Cann beverages options and reviews

Ayrloom beverages options and reviews

Harney Brothers orange mango sparkling water

Sip your way to bliss with infused beverages

Hi5 makes it easy to dose and discreetly enjoy your cannabis. Whether you like tropical vibes or the tartness black cherry brings, each can of Hi5 seltzer offers an entry-level amount that’s ideal for trying a new product format. Enjoy the ride — and don’t forget to sign up for our Travel Club before your trip for access to exclusive product drops, VIP events, and more.

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