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Whether Dad’s a classic smoker, a culinary enthusiast, or simply needs some relaxation after a long day, there’s a gift of cannabis to match. This curated selection of cannabis products is just right for dads who love weed in all its forms.

For the classic smoker dad

Celebrating a dad with a timeless love of cannabis? From artisanal pre-rolls to iconic accessories, these gifts are curated to honor Dad’s appreciation for the classic hits. Cue up his favorite movie and get ready to chill.

Ruby Granddaddy Purple Pre-Rolls

Price: $50 per pre-roll pack 

It’s not just in the name: if Dad’s been smoking for a long time, he surely knows and appreciates the iconic Grandaddy Purple. Each hand-rolled joint from Ruby wraps sun-grown flower in natural, unbleached hemp wrap. With seven half-gram joints in a copper metal tin, there’s plenty of cannabis to last through Father’s Day and beyond. This strain’s grape and berry aroma may be a nostalgia trip for Dad, but sharing these joints is one surefire way to make new memories.


Grav Labs Sandblasted Spoon

Price: $20 

You can’t go wrong giving Dad a timeless smoking piece like the GRAV Sandblasted Spoon. A straightforward, easy-to-use classic, these spoons have a matte, frosted finish not unlike beach glass. A deep bowl and an inverted ash-catching mouthpiece make for a lengthy sesh. Get it in one of two colorways: black or warm amber.


Dank by Definition Cheese & Chong 8th

Price: $53 

A strain that’ll have Dad, well, up in smoke. An eighth of Cheese & Chong flower from Dank. By Definition offers a new and exciting cultivar in classic flower form that old-school smoker dads know (and prefer). This balanced hybrid blends the sharpness of Cheese and Casey Jones’ earthy tones for a truly funky experience.


Packwoods Pineapple Haze Infused Blunt

Price: $45

Indulge Dad’s taste for adventure with the Packwoods Pineapple Haze Infused Blunt. This sativa-leaning strain brings a burst of flavor and a potency kick to boot, with an average THC content of around 35%. That’s a number sure to impress even the most veteran cannabis lovers. This tobacco-free blunt offers 2.5 grams of pure sativa goodness wrapped in an all-natural hemp wrap and infused with concentrate for an extra kick that’ll make for a memorable Father’s Day.

For the dad who gets creative in the kitchen

Honor Dad’s culinary creativity and love for all things cannabis with something he may not try himself — a selection of gifts tailored to elevate his kitchen adventures. Whether he’s a seasoned cannabis chef or just starting, consider one of these products to inspire and delight this Father’s Day.

Chef for Higher Honey

Price: $50 per jar

Chef For Higher’s Infused Honey is the perfect addition to the kitchen arsenal for the dad who loves to make edibles. Made with Linden honey sourced from upstate New York, Dad will notice refreshing hints of mint and lemon alongside honey’s signature sweetness. With 10 mg of THC per teaspoon and 240 mg of THC per bottle, Dad can use this product as a sweetener, add it into sauces, or enjoy it straight from the spoon.


Etain Forte Powder

Price: $30 per jar

When it comes to infusions, Dad can’t get more versatile than with Etain’s Fore Powder. This meticulously crafted powder dissolves into hot and cold liquids or foods. It’s crafted from beetroot-derived isomalt and premium cannabis oil to deliver a consistent dose of 10 mg THC per serving. Easy to measure out and even easier to blend, Forte Powder is set to revolutionize the way dads incorporate cannabis into their culinary creations.


Florist Farms Social Strawberry Gummies


Price: $30 per 10 pack

Does Dad love to host a dinner party? Florist Farms Social Strawberry Gummies are the perfect addition to his entertaining lineup. These gummies offer a 1:1 blend of THC and CBG, a balanced and uplifting experience for guests to stay engaged and social throughout the evening. Each gummy contains 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBG, for a total of 100 mg of THC and 100 mg of CBG per package. Whether sparking lively conversations or enhancing dinner, these sativa gummies will elevate the gathering.


Old Pal pre-ground flower

Price: $90 per ½ oz 

Pre-ground Diesel Drifter flower from Old Pal is a game-changing option for dads who love to make their own edibles from scratch. Instead of grinding all that weed from scratch, Dad can open this pack and get right to decarboxylating for infused butter, oils, and much more. And if there’s any leftover, Dad can easily roll and spark a joint, as this kit comes with rolling papers and filters.

For dads who savor porch sips

Step up Dad’s lounging game with our selection of infused beverages, just right for unwinding with a different kind of cold drink in hand.

Tune Black Cherry Seltzer

Price: $5 per can

Take your dad on a trip back to carefree summer days with Tune’s Black Cherry Infused Seltzer. Each can is infused with 10 mg of THC and a hint of honey, a beverage bursting with the nostalgic flavor of black cherry popsicles. Made with real juice and only 5g of sugar per can, Tune is a guilt-free indulgence for dads to enjoy on the beach — whether literal or mental.

Harney Brothers Daytime Tea Sachets

Price: $20 per 5 pack 

Whether dad is lounging on the porch or hosting a laid-back gathering with friends, Harney Brothers’ Daytime Tea Sachets bring a different kind of cannabis experience to the day. This tea can be brewed hot or cold to match any mood. This oolong tea with natural dragonfruit flavor contains 10 mg of THC per sachet, a gentle (or not-so-gentle) buzz that Dad will appreciate.

For the active dad who deserves to unwind

For the hard-working dad who could use encouragement to unwind, this list of products is the right fit to help him relax and recharge after a long day.

Ayrloom Rescue Balm

Price: $70 for 1000mg container

Cue the aaaahs as Dad leans back in their favorite easy chair. Ayrloom’s Rescue Balm is a soothing topical that pairs a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD with ingredients like shea butter and menthol. All Dad needs to do is scoop a small amount and warm it between his fingers before applying it to joints and muscles. For best results, pair this topical with an edible or flower for unbeatable head-to-toe relaxation.


Off-Hours Grape Punch Offline Gummies

Price: $30 per 10 pack

Dad’s offline, and he means it. Off-Hours Grape Punch 10:10:4 Offline Gummies are effectively Dad’s ticket to mentally clock out. Formulated with a precise blend of THC, CBN, and CBD to help Dad relax (and squeeze in that oh-so-divine) afternoon nap, the cannabinoids used in Off-House gummies are nano-enhanced, which means they’ll get to work faster. Each package contains 10 gummies, and each serving has a 10:10:4 ratio of 10 mg THC, 10 mg CBN, and 4 mg CBN.


1906 Chill Drops

Price: $35 per 20 pack

Dad will appreciate this way to unwind even after the toughest days. 1906 Chill Drops are fast-acting pills (swallow, don’t chew), with a blend of THC, CBD, and complementary plant medicines to promote deep relaxation. 1906 Drops offer a quick onset of just 20 minutes, so Dad can feel the tension melt away swiftly. Each tin contains 20 drops, with 5 mg of THC and 25 mg of CBD per drop. Plus, they’re vegan, calorie-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free.

For dads who don’t want to hotbox the garage

Does Dad sneak off to the garage for a “minute of alone time” that leaves a haze behind? Try gifting something smokeless for more discreet moments without encroaching on dads who find solace in this familiar retreat.

Jaunty Melon All-in-One Vape

Price: $70 

Treat dad to the ultimate vape experience with the Jaunty Melon All-in-One Vape. This disposable delight is just right for dads who are just getting started with vapes, as this comes with the concentrate and an attached battery — no extra purchases are required. Inside, Jaunty vape products offer pure and potent CO2-extracted cannabis oil, and this strain offers a sweet slice of serenity and lush melon flavors. As a bonus, this product is made with a biodegradable hemp casing, so eco-dads can feel good about caring for the planet while getting their vape on.


MFNY Honey Banana Live Resin Cartridge

Price: $48 

Look for the MFNY Honey Banana Live Resin Cartridge if your dad likes vaping. This cart took home the first place prize in a “Best of New England” cannabis competition in 2023. Made in-house with single-source live resin, Honey Banana boasts a terpene-rich profile and truly captures the essence of the Strawberry Banana and Honey Boo strains this hybrid descends from. And with the brand known for its diverse genetics and premium products, Dad is sure to be impressed.

Find the perfect Father’s Day gift with The Travel Agency

As Father’s Day approaches, there’s no need to stress over finding the ideal gift. The Travel Agency offers diverse products curated with Dad in mind at all three NYC locations. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust you’re getting only the best for all the dads in your life.

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