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A must-try brand on hand at The Travel Agency, 1906 is known in New York and beyond for unique formulations meant for every kind of mood. Embark with us on a journey into the world of 1906 edibles and the options available to you in the New York cannabis market.

Text written in white and turquoise on a black background states WARNING: MAY CAUSE VIBES, referencing 1906 New Highs edibles products available at The Travel Agency. There is a turquoise star in each corner.

Which 1906 New Highs edibles are available in New York?

While not all 1906 New Highs edibles are available in New York just yet, there’s still plenty to explore. You can get the below 1906 products in New York today (but more are on the way soon!)


1906 edibles reviews

From delectable chocolates to easy-to-swallow tablets, 1906 New Highs products are meticulously crafted to deliver unique effects. Many of their products pair other herbal ingredients to enhance your cannabis experience. Indulge your senses with our comprehensive review of various edible types offered by 1906.


Love Beans for Arousal

Love Beans for Arousal are dark chocolate-covered coffee beans infused with Blue Dream cannabis extract. These beans contain 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per serving alongside four other ingredients connected to sensuality-enhancing properties.

  • THC/CBD content: 5mg THC / 5mg CBD
  • Who should try it?: Love Beans for Arousal are recommended for individuals and couples looking to enhance their intimate experiences.
  • Four other ingredients:
    • Ashwagandha is associated with relaxation
    • Damiana is an ancient aphrodisiac
    • Catuaba, which may have an antidepressant effects and may have an effect on sexual wellness
    • Muira Puama, also an aphrodisiac



Go Beans for Energy

Go Beans for Energy offer a fusion of plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis, crafted to enhance alertness, energy levels, and focus. This all-natural performance enhancer is made with Strava coffee beans and artisanal dark chocolate.

  • THC/CBD content: 5mg THC / 5mg CBD
  • Who should try it?: Go Energy Beans are ideal if you’re looking to stay alert and focused, whether mentally or physically.
  • What our budtenders have to say:
    • “The 1906 GO Beans are amazing. Energizing, focusing, and euphoric effects while being uplifting, too.” – Nagmi M.
    • “If you love the taste of espresso + chocolate, these are for you! Go Beans gives me energy, but a nice mellow high” – Victoria


Bliss Drops product overview and review

This popular line of precision edibles is now available in New York.


Bliss Drops are swallowed, not chewed. Each formula includes THC and CBD alongside other plant medicines, each one designed to promote a sense of well-being and happiness. Each product offers a distinct formula with its own unique effects.


Among the available products are:


  • Bliss for Happiness, which include kanna for elevating mood and theobromine, which may have a relaxing effect on your body
  • Chill for Relaxation, which includes 25mg of CBD (compared to 5mg in other Drops formulas) alongside magnolia and L-theanine, both of which may have their own relaxing properties
  • Genius for Brainpower, which includes six herbal compounds, including about as much caffeine as a decaf cup of coffee, to help with focus
  • Go Drops Tin for Energy, which promotes natural energy through a blend of cannabis, caffeine, and three plant medicines.
  • Boost for Everything, which is their generic option and includes 5mg THC in each drop


McCall Miles of Union Square, NJ, said the Boost drops were great before a long run. “I felt a subtle high—feeling calm, focused, and clear-headed—within 20 to 30 minutes,” McCall shared.  They went on to describe them as “clean and precise” with no additional calories or sugar.  “I ended up buying a full jar of the 5mg dose and have been using them for long runs and workouts and while out socializing. Highly recommended!” In addition to these four drops, Go Beans for Energy and Love Beans for Arousal are available as Drops.


How long do 1906 edibles last?

The duration of effects from 1906 edibles can vary depending on factors like your individual tolerance, your metabolism, and how much you took. Your sensitivity to, and familiarity with, the other herbals in 1906 products has an impact, too. Understanding how each of these factors contributes to the overall experience can help you make informed decisions and manage your expectations effectively.


Tolerance plays a crucial role in the duration of the effects of edibles. If you regularly enjoy edibles, you may develop a higher tolerance over time, requiring larger doses to achieve the desired effects. There is also a phenomenon known as “ediblocking,” which refers to a portion of the population that appears to have an exceptionally high tolerance to edibles. People who are classified as “ediblocked” can generally consume high quantities of edibles and experience little to no effects.


The potency and composition of the edible can also determine the strength and duration of your experience. Generally, lower doses may produce effects lasting a couple of hours, while higher doses can extend the duration to six hours or more. You should also consider the timing of consumption in relation to food intake, as consuming edibles on an empty stomach can lead to faster absorption and a more rapid onset of effects.


Remember, everyone is different so it’s best to also start low and increase slowly to gauge how a new type of cannabis product affects you.


Explore other edibles on The Travel Agency’s menu

With more than 300 product options on our menu, there’s always something to explore at The Travel Agency. Get to know some other brands on our menu:

Try 1906 edibles at The Travel Agency

Visit The Travel Agency for the best edible shopping experience in New York City. Whether you’re looking for something new or restocking your go-to product, our expert budtenders are ready to guide you based on your needs preferences, and needs. So stop in and peruse our robust selection of edibles — your new favorite treat may already be on our shelves.


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