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Make this 4/20 unforgettable for everyone you love. Whether they’re experienced classic consumers, brand new to the scene, or they’re up for new adventures, The Travel Agency has options for everyone. From traditional flower and pre-rolls to cutting-edge edibles, concentrates, and accessories, our curated selection is the ticket to an unforgettable celebration.

The Classic Consumer

The Lifted Stoner

The DIY Cannabis Lover

The Terp-Loving Stoner

The First-Timer

The Cannabis Lover Who Has Everything

The Stoner Who Doesn’t Like to Smoke

The Party (or The Host)

The Classic Consumer

Shop For: The Classic Consumer

The classic consumer embodies an unwavering appreciation for the timeless pleasure flower offers. Whether indulging in the complexities of a premium strain or savoring the convenience of a perfect pre-roll, these gift ideas promise to meet their expectations.

Hudson Cannabis Congo Bubblegum Flower

Price: $88.40 for ¼ ounce

Hudson Cannabis presents Bubble Gum, a Sativa-dominant strain with a sharp, herbaceous aroma and tangy lemonade flavor. Offering whole-body relief while maintaining mental sharpness and energy, this 7-gram (¼ oz) package is a perfect gift for those who appreciate quality flower.

Hudson Cannabis frequently introduces new cultivars. Head to Hudson Cannabis menu to see what’s in stock.

Miss Grass All Times Pre-Rolls

Price: $36 

The Miss Grass Fast Times Minis are a perfect choice for the classic consumer who values both convenience and quality. The set includes five 0.4g mini pre-rolls and a matchbox, all neatly packaged in a giftable, compact box. With a blend of caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, and pinene terpenes, these sativa pre-rolls offer a balanced experience ideal for any occasion. Gift them to someone who loves a consistent and enjoyable consumption experience.

SOUR AJ Sour Diesel Flower

Price: $50 for 1/8th oz or five .5g pre-rolls

Sour Diesel is one of the most iconic strains (AKA cultivars) — if not, the most iconic strain — to come out of New York City. What better way to celebrate 4/20 than with this legendary strain? SOUR’s AJ Sour Diesel flower is traced back to this strain’s original breeder, nicknamed AJ, who introduced this flower to the New York City cannabis scene in the 1990s. This strain is beloved for its powerful cerebral effects and mental stimulation, the perfect companion for an adventurous day in the city.


The Lifted Stoner

Shop For: The Lifted Stoner

The lifted stoner is always in pursuit of the next level of intensity. For this enthusiast, standard just won’t cut it. They seek out the strongest and most potent products. Products that offer an extra kick are perfect for this friend’s 4/20 gift.

WaaHoo Gorilla Glue Infused Pre-Roll

Price: $21 per 1g pre-roll

The WaaHoo Gorilla Glue Infused Pre-Roll is a true delicacy, especially for the consumer who savors the stronger side of cannabis. Crafted with whole flower and solventless hash, the pre-roll delivers a high that lingers long beyond inhalation. Gorilla Glue, also called GG #4, is a hybrid of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. It’s known for its deeply relaxing and euphoric effects, well-suited for a chill 4/20 night in.

Blotter Critical Jack Live Resin Sugar

Price: $55 for 1 gram

Blotter’s Critical Jack Live Resin Sugar is a deeply cerebral flavor bomb ready for dabbing for vaping. With an impressive THC content of 79%, this concentrate is a cross of Critical Plus and Jack Herer, two strains that come together to ignite mental prowess. This ultimate companion is versatile, potent, and the right fit for leveling up a unique 4/20 indulgence.

Luci Jelly Donut Live Rosin Badder

Price: $65 for 0.5 grams

Luci’s Jelly Donut Live Rosin Badder is a must-have if your friend loves to craft their own edibles or explore new consumption methods. This 0.5g hybrid concentrate mixes Hella Jelly and White Runtz, delivering uplifting yet relaxing effects with a berry-sweet-earthy flavor. With a badder texture between shatter and wax, it ensures high potency and rapid impact, perfect for topping off bowls or joints.

Zero Two Four candles

Price: $45 for one candle

All that smoke gets covered up somehow. For the friend who loves lighting up all day, every day, Zero Two Four’s strain-inspired candles mimic the terpene profile of strains like Forbidden Fruit and Cannatonic, while the Incense & Pepper scent is a throwback to the smoke shop. Gift this candle, handmade right here in New York, with a pack of pre-rolls, a lighter, or a new spoon.


The DIY Cannabis Lover

Shop For: The DIY Cannabis Lover

The DIY consumer has a penchant for crafting homemade edibles and infusing unique creations. For them, the journey is just as delightful as the destination as they explore endless possibilities for infusions. From high-quality concentrates to artisanal edibles, our selection offers great ingredients for upgrading the homemade cannabis experience.

Etain Forte Beverage Powder

Price: $30 for 0.1g

Any drink is an elevated delight with Etain’s Forte beverage powder in the mix. This New York favorite dissolves in hot and cold liquids, for lattes with a twist or fruity iced teas alike. Each ¼ teaspoon serving contains 10mg of THC to kick-start any edible lover’s day — and they even include the measuring spoon for you.

Old Pal Diesel Drifter Pre-Ground Flower

Price: $110 per ½ oz 

Old Pal Diesel Drifter Pre-Ground Flower is a perfect match for the recipient who loves rolling up their own or making cannabis-infused creations. This kit includes pre-ground hybrid flower, crutches, and pure hemp rolling papers, no other supplies are needed. With no shake, additives, or wasted bud, this pre-ground flower is easy access to quality cannabis for rolling up or crafting edibles. The kit comes with 14 grams (½ oz) of ready-to-use flower, opening endless 4/20 possibilities for a group. PsstCheck out these cute cones from Go Easy for easy rolling.

Chef For Higher Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Price: $50 for 240mg THC per bottle

From salad dressing to dipping bread to meat sauce, Chef For Higher’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil opens up a world of possibilities for the DIY cannabis lover. This already-infused ingredient skips hours of at-home infusion, so the recipient can fast-forward to the fun part.

Does the DIY cannabis lover in your life have more of a sweet tooth? Chef For Higher offers an infused honey, too.


The Terp-Loving Stoner

Shop For: The Terp-Loving Stoner

With an appreciation for the nuances of terpene profiles, this cannabis aficionado deeply appreciates premium products that enhance the flavorful cannabis experience. This selection of terpene-infused delights and artisanal products cater to their discerning taste.

MFNY Blueberry Muffin Live Resin Badder

Price: $70 for 1 gram

Live resin is the best bet for anyone who appreciates a strain’s unique flavors. This badder preserves terpenes through the live resin process, which flash freezes flower right after harvest to stabilize and capture as much terpene content as possible. The result is this live resin badder from MFNY that smells and tastes quite like its namesake, featuring vanilla, blueberry, and creamy notes. Read more about other MFNY products in our MFNY review.

Lost Farm by Kiva Wedding Cake Live Resin Gummies

Price: $36

Flavor takes center stage in Lost Farm gummies, infused with live resin extract sourced from flash-frozen Wedding Cake flower. The flavors and aromas are fruity, with notes of vanilla, a bit of tartness, and punches of earthiness throughout. It’s a unique treat that any terp-loving enthusiast would love to try.

Zig-Zag Terpene Infused Shortcake Hemp Cones

Price: $2 per 2 cones 

Zig-Zag Terpene-Infused Shortcake Hemp Cones are infused with hand-selected terpenes, offering a consumption experience that elevates any flower. Pre-rolled for convenience, simply fill, pack, and burn. They’re non-GMO, tobacco-free, and nicotine-free to boot. Zig-Zag cones also come in Limoncello, Clementine, and Grand Daddy Purp profiles. Add these hemp cones to any terp-rich flower gift.


The First-Timer

Shop For: The First-Timer

The first-timer is stepping into the world of cannabis with curiosity and excitement. They may feel a bit intimidated by the array of options, but they’re eager to explore in a way that feels approachable and comfortable. Be their welcoming guide with easy-to-use products that require little effort to get up and rolling. Think pre-rolls, disposable vapes, or a few items bundled together to create a beginner-friendly starter kit.

Nanticoke Blue Dream Pre-Roll

Price: $10 

The Nanticoke Blue Dream Pre-Roll is the perfect gift for someone celebrating their first 4/20. This single 0.5g pre-roll is crafted with simplicity in mind, making it ideal for beginners. A cross of Blueberry and Haze, it offers sweet berry flavors with hints of cheese, providing balanced effects and aroma. You can also create your own bundle with items like the Edie Parker Ash Tray and Travel Agency lighter to really set them up for success.

Ruby Granddaddy Purple Live Resin Starter Kit

Price: $70 

Ruby’s Granddaddy Purple Live Resin Start Kit is perfect for the first-timer who needs both the vape cart and the battery. The kit, beautifully packaged in amber glass, includes a 1g Grandaddy Purple live resin cartridge and a rechargeable battery in a beautiful copper hue. Pre-charged and ready to go, it allows first-timers to embark on their 4/20 journey with ease and sophistication. Plus, the battery is reusable, so the first-timer has just what they need for their next 510-thread vape cart. Just remind a first-timer to take it slow: vapes are much stronger than flower.


The Cannabis Lover Who Has Everything

Shop For: The Cannabis Lover Who Has Everything

These items are for the friend whose stash box is overflowing. For them, it’s not just about having it all; it’s about seeking the next level of refinement, enjoyment, and innovation in their cannabis experience.

Puffco Proxy Modular Vape

Price: $300 

Give the gift of exploration with the Puffo Proxy Modular Vape. Sure, it looks nothing like any other vape on the market, but its uniqueness is much more than skin-deep. Puffco’s patented 3D chamber is the star of the show, designed to deliver premium flavor. Four heat settings and a simple single-button interface take the guesswork out of finding the perfect temperature for vaping flower or concentrates (flower inserts sold separately). It’s the perfect gift to start with the Proxy Kit and expand with Pieces from the Proxy Collection, ensuring it grows with their evolving preferences.

House Of Puff 1:1:1 Serenity Spritz

Price: $32 

The House of Puff Serenity Spritz offers a touch of bliss in an incredibly convenient form, bridging the gap between smoking/vaping and edibles. Portable and discreet, the product is fast-acting and provides controlled, consistent mini doses anytime, anywhere. This spray presents a balanced 1:1:1 ratio of 0.8g THC, CBD, and CBN per spray. Spritz 1 to 3 sprays under the tongue, and you’re ready to go.

Hepworth THC Lip Balm

Price: $38

A newer innovation in cannabis-infused products, Hepworth’s THC Lip Balm is the perfect gift for the consumer who seemingly has it all. This pure-form lip balm is crafted with concentrated THC, shea butter, and a hint of organic essential lavender oil. With 440mg of THC packed into each stick, the balm is concentrated with cannabinoids for soothing chapped lips year-round.


The Stoner Who Doesn’t Like to Smoke

Shop For: The Stoner Who Doesn’t Like to Smoke

Instead of puffing on joints or vapes, the smoke-free consumer loves exploring infused delights like beverage enhancers, gummies, and more.

Aylroom Beverage Enhancer

Price: $65 for 30mL (1 oz)

Consider the Ayrloom Beverage Enhancer, which lets the recipient customize their dosage by adding these water-soluble drops to any beverage. Whether morning coffee or an evening mocktail, the choice is theirs. With 60 servings per enhancer, this thoughtful and convenient gift keeps on giving.

Eaton Botanicals Daily Elevation Peach Gummies

Price: $33 per 20-pack 

Look no further than Eaton Botanical’s Daily Elevation Peach Gummies for a gift that uplifts both mind and body. These fast-acting functional wellness gummies are infused with energy-boosting CBG and Cordyceps mushroom extract alongside 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, ideal for seizing the day with vigor. With 20 gummies per package, it’s a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking a natural way to consume without smoking.

Ayrloom beverages

Price: $4 for one 5mg can

Single-serve cannabis in a can take the guesswork out of dosing edibles. Ayrloom beverages offer 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per can, just right for a mellow high. Every flavor is gluten-free and vegan, with several sugar-free options. Shop Black Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Pineapple Mango, and Vanilla Cola, or try Ayrloom Up, a 2:1 THC: CBD blend in a refreshing Honeycrisp flavor inspired by upstate New York’s orchards.

Learn more about Ayrloom beverages in this review.


The Party (or The Host)

Shop For: The Party (or The Host)

Bring a gift for the friend attending a 4/20 celebration and aim to spoil the host and guests. The master of hospitality is always ready to welcome friends and loved ones into their abode for an evening of laughter, conversations, and, of course, cannabis.

Ruby Sour Tangie Pre-roll Pack

Price: $39 for 7 0.5g pre-rolls

Sour Diesel and Tangie come together for this sativa hybrid from Ruby Farms. This Sour Tangie flower is sun grown in the Hudson Valley and brought down to New York City to enjoy right out of the package. Skip the rolling and get straight to the fun when you bring this pre-roll pack to your 4/20 party.

Livwell Mandarin Cookies Flower

Price: $150 per 1 oz 

Versatile and plentiful, an ounce of Mandarin Cookies Flower from LivWell is the perfect gift for a host or treat for a gathering of your own. An ounce offers plenty to share and enjoy among friends for a 4/20 celebration, whether you’re hosting a party or attending one. The Mandarin Cookies strain is known to pack a sharp, tangy citrus flavor with hints of rich, nutty herbs upon exhalation and happy, uplifting effects. What better way to get the party started?


Elevate 4/20 with The Travel Agency

What we’re doing all 4/20 week.

Discover an elevated approach to gift-gifting at The Travel Agency. With our extensive selection of products, from infused gummies to exquisite accessories, our dispensaries in Union Square and Downtown Brooklyn have something special for everyone on your list. Step into 4/20 with The Travel Agency and embark on a journey of all highs and no lows.

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