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What Is Shake? When Pre-Ground Flower is the Right Choice
Many folks love the ritual of grinding their own weed. But if you prefer to skip that step, have too […]
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Edible Dosing Guide: How Many Milligrams Should I Take?
It’s one of the most common questions we hear from New Yorkers: what’s the right dose of edibles? For an […]
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8 High-Linalool Strains Perfect for Relaxing
The terpene linalool is best known for its importance in aromatherapy. Lavender beads, sprays, oils, body washes – the list […]
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What Strains Are High In Limonene?
When it comes to common terpenes in cannabis, limonene makes it to the top three. This delightfully citrusy terpene is […]
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New York’s Tourist Guide to Dispensary Shopping
Are you planning to explore the New York cannabis scene as a visitor? Navigating the landscape requires a bit of […]
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The Travel Agency Guide to CBC: Effects, Products, and More
The cannabis plant contains multitudes. Tucked away inside the shiny, sticky goodness of the plant’s trichomes are dozens of compounds […]
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How To Store Cannabis At Home for Quality and Safety
Storing your cannabis products properly ensures they stay fresh for months to come. But more importantly, storing them correctly keeps […]
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10 High Caryophyllene Strains To Unwind With
Caryophyllene is abundant in cannabis strains, and recognizing it can help you better tailor your cannabis consumption for the perfect […]
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The Complete Guide To Buying Concentrates
Shatter, sugar, crumble, badder — are these even names for cannabis products? Concentrates are nothing new in the long history […]
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