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Dispensaries in New York City are shopping destinations and epicenters for responsible, high-quality education — but you don’t need to step into the store to experience it all. The information you need, and products you want, come straight to your door.


Cannabis delivery in NYC is one of the most convenient ways to be a The Travel Agency customer. With this guide, you’ll know precisely where to go to order your favorite products.


A list in white lettering on a black background with four checkboxes. The headline says "What do you need to get cannabis delivery in NYC?". The four items on the list include: "A computer or mobile device", "Payment method", "Valid identification", and "Location address". All items on the list are checked off. There is a blue squiggly line underneath the headline and blue stars in each corner.


Where can you get weed delivered in NYC?

Cannabis delivery in NYC is permitted to customers who are 21 years of age or older located at any residential property with a physical address. If you meet these criteria, you can get cannabis delivered to you.


According to New York’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), cannabis delivery orders must be placed by visiting the retail dispensary’s website. Cannabis delivery may only occur during a dispensary’s normal business hours as well.


Where are you not allowed to have cannabis delivered in NYC?

Cannabis deliveries are not permitted outside of residential properties in New York. This includes public buildings and spaces such as parks, community centers, school grounds, day-care centers, and houses of worship. The delivery location must also have a physical address, so having cannabis deliveries brought to your car or the intersection of two streets is not allowed.



What do you need to get cannabis delivery in NYC?

There are a few things you’ll need to order and receive a cannabis delivery in NYC, including:


Computer or mobile device: Your weed delivery begins with an order from the dispensary’s menu, which you can access through a web browser on your computer or mobile device.

Payment method: Dispensaries and drivers cannot accept cash for cannabis deliveries, so you’ll need a debit card for payment. Just like ordering takeout for dinner, select your items, enter your payment info, and your delivery will be on its way shortly.

Valid identification: When your cannabis delivery arrives, you’ll need to show a valid form of identification that proves you’re at least 21 years old and that you’re indeed the person who ordered the products. Have this ID ready for when your delivery driver arrives.

Location address: Make sure to provide your correct, current address when you place your order.


If you have these four things, then you’re ready to place your order. That’s how easy it is to order cannabis delivery in NYC!


How to know if your delivery service is licensed

Delivery services provided by a licensed dispensary are, by default, licensed. To find a licensed dispensary near you, visit the OCM’s page for dispensary location verifications. Pro tip: Be sure to check the OCM’s page often for updates. More and more dispensaries and delivery options are coming online as the NYC cannabis space expands.


At The Travel Agency, you can expect prompt cannabis delivery orders to arrive safely and accurately at your front door through our trusted delivery partner, Doobie, which offers same-day cannabis deliveries in New York.



How to order delivery from The Travel Agency

Ready for your cannabis to come to you? Wait no longer with The Travel Agency’s same-day delivery, which brings top-quality cannabis products and our exceptional service to you in four easy steps.


Explore our menu: Not sure what you want? Check out our expansive menu with great selections from leading cannabis brands in New York.

Choose your product: Choose from our vast range of cannabis products, including top-shelf flower, edibles, vapes, and more. There’s something for everyone at The Travel Agency.

Check out: Once you’ve selected your products, fill out your personal information and payment method to complete the transaction and set your delivery in motion.

Receive your delivery: Wait for your driver to arrive. Have a valid form of identification ready. Once you show your ID to the driver, you can collect your cannabis products and enjoy!



Where are you allowed to consume cannabis in New York City?

New York City regulations restrict where you are allowed to consume cannabis, so it’s important to avoid starting your sesh in the wrong spot. Here are a few places where you are not allowed to consume cannabis:


  • Motor vehicles (both moving and non-moving)
  • Businesses
  • Hookah and cigar bars
  • Restaurants, including patios
  • Federal property (i.e., public housing)
  • Most state parks and beaches


Generally, you can consume cannabis in a residential location with the owner’s permission and in public places where smoking tobacco is also allowed.


Is Doobie delivery legit?

Yes. Doobie is The Travel Agency’s official licensed delivery partner.


Get quick and reliable New York City cannabis delivery service

If you want same-day cannabis delivery, look no further than The Travel Agency for an unforgettable experience. Our inventory is brimming with some of the best cannabis products around, and our friendly staff is on hand to help guide you to the best choice for your needs. And thanks to our delivery partner Doobie, you can have those products at your door in no time.

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