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PAX is one of the most well-known brands in vaping, and for good reason. Between the sleek design, advanced features, and portability, both the PAX Era pod system and their line of dry herb vapes make consumption easy. If you’re in the market to buy PAX cannabis products, keep reading to learn more about your options.


PAX Era: How it works and how to use it


Price: $10

The PAX Era pod system is the most cost-effective of the PAX line. It’s used for vaping extracts that come in PAX Era pods. Folks appreciate PAX Era for its ease of use, its low-maintenance upkeep, and discretion. You need this device to use PAX Era pods, which are device-specific vape carts that we sell at The Travel Agency.

The most recent iteration of the PAX Era delivers bigger, more potent hits and consistent, flavorful draws. It’s equipped with these features:

Anti-clog technology for smooth rips

Four temperature settings

Heats up instantly

Long-lasting battery (around 150 puffs)

Comes with a charging cable

To use the PAX Era, simply pop in your pod and you’re ready to go. The system utilizes its own “pop-and-click” technology to make inserting a cartridge or swapping between carts a breeze.

At The Travel Agency, you can choose a PAX Era in Ultra Black, or you can go bold with an Ultra Pink PAX Era. These devices come with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

PAX Era vs. Era Pro

The Era Pro offers many of the same features as the PAX Era. The biggest difference is battery size: the Era Pro can last for around 30 more sessions than the PAX Era.

PAX Era pods for sale in New York City

PAX Era is available in several states and cities, including in New York, where the brand launched its products in April 2023. You’ll find PAX Era pods in several iterations, including terpene-infused distillate and live rosin options.

According to PAX, pods are made with food-grade materials. And just like all cannabis products in New York, Era pods are tested for heavy metals, toxins, and contaminants, as well as potency, before you buy them.

Some of the most popular options you’ll find at The Travel Agency include:

PAX Era Blue Dream Live Rosin Pod — a High Times cannabis cup winner!

PAX Era Blueberry OG Live Rosin Pod

PAX Era Guava Gelato Live Rosin Pod

PAX Era Jack Herer Live Rosin Pod

PAX Era Huckle Berry Pod

PAX Era Blood Orange Pod

PAX Era Sweet Mango Pod 


PAX Plus for dry herb and concentrates: Features and benefits


Price: $200

The PAX Plus is a dual-use vaporizer that allows you to consume both flower and concentrates. It’s celebrated for its flavorful vapor and large clouds. The device-only kit available for purchase is only for use with flower. The Complete Kit contains the parts you need to switch between flower and concentrates.

The PAX Plus heats in as little as 22 seconds, so you won’t have to wait long to get your sesh underway. With the concentrate insert, you can consume cannabis oil, wax, and solid concentrates on the go. This device offers serious battery life, so you won’t have to charge it up every time you want to use it.

One of its most exciting features are pre-programmed modes designed to support different experiences, appropriately called Experience Modes. On the go and trying to keep things low key? Stealth Mode is the right move for that moment. Back at home and looking for serious potency? Try Boost Mode to drive more vapor production and potency. You could also opt for Efficiency Mode or Flavor Mode if you’re looking for something altogether different.

In addition to Experience Modes, PAX Plus comes with four preprogrammed temperatures that you cycle through by pressing down on the mouthpiece. Selecting your own temp helps you avoid burning your flower or concentrate and provides a consistent experience that emphasizes all the flavors and aromas of your product’s terpene profile. There’s also an auto shutdown feature; if you put down your vape and forget to turn it off, PAX Plus will power down for you.

What’s included with the PAX Plus?

The standard accessories that come with PAX Plus include:

Flat and raised mouthpieces

A standard oven lid

A maintenance kit

Charging cable

Exclusive Accessories for use with concentrates include:

Flat and raised mouthpieces

A standard oven lid and a half-pack oven lid

A maintenance kit

Charging cable

A concentrate insert for use with extracts

A multi-tool for handling concentrates

How to use PAX Plus

To use your PAX Plus for flower, grind your chosen cultivar (strain), place some in the chamber (but don’t pack too tightly), put the magnetic lid back on the oven, and turn on the device. Choose your desired temperature, wait less than a minute, and you’re ready to rip (or more accurately, sip — the recommended way to use PAX Plus). You follow a similar procedure for concentrates, but with the right components in place.

What is the PAX Mini?

The PAX Mini is a smaller, simplified version of the PAX Plus. You can only vape flower in it and it has a smaller oven size.

PAX devices comparison chart

Get a sense of PAX features side by side.


PAX Plus

PAX Mini


Era Pro

Compatibility Flower, concentrates (with Complete Kit) Flower PAX Era pods PAX Era pods
Battery life 8-10 sessions (approx. 2 hours) 8-10 sessions (approx. 2 hours) 150 draws 250 draws
Chamber size 0.5g 0.25g n/a n/a
Heat time As little as 22 seconds As little as 22 seconds Instant Instant
LED indicator light Yes Yes Yes Yes
App No No No Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 10 years 2 years 1 year 1 year

Why try PAX products?


Still not sure if you want to buy PAX vaporizers or go with another brand? Here are a few of the things we think PAX does well.

Makes vaping easy: Even PAX’s most advanced devices are relatively simple to learn. If you’re new to vaping, a read through the user manual and a video or two will help you figure out the most important functions in the first session.


Offers reliable technology: While you may spend a little bit more for PAX devices, the investment will last for quite a while. Whether you want to flexibility of flower and concentrates or prefer to enjoy the simple pod system, PAX is known for innovations around this millennia-old plant.


Function and fashion: PAX fans gravitate to the bead-blasted outer shell, complete with a soft matte coating. That beautiful outer layer — which can be engraved by PAX for an extra $10 — protects the high-grade components inside, particularly for the PAX Plus and the PAX Mini.

What other vaporizers are available at The Travel Agency?


Curious about your options? Check out our menu of cannabis vape products for sale.

Some of the other vaporizer brands we carry include:


Heavy Hitters




Shop PAX at The Travel Agency


Ready to hit the road? Make a pit stop at The Travel Agency (or place an order for delivery) before you go. You’ll find a selection of PAX Era pods to choose from, in addition to lots of flower you can use in your PAX Plus or PAX Mini.

Are you having trouble deciding? Ask a budtender. We’re always on hand to answer questions, guide you through the selections, and help you purchase with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned vape consumer looking to shake things up or you’re brand new to the world of PAX devices, we’re delighted to help you find the right product for your needs.

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