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Heavy Hitters takes center stage in the realm of strain-specific cannabis vapes. If you want to try your favorite cultivar (AKA strain) in concentrate form without losing any of the magic, these vapes are worth a try. Each vape offers its own unique flavors and effects and can help you find which is best for your next journey.

Learn more about Heavy Hitters

The family-owned and operated Heavy Hitters is a California brand with a legacy dating back to 1996 when the state first legalized medical cannabis. It’s unique in the cannabis world as a brand with nearly 30 years of history. In addition to their 510-thread cartridges and disposable vapes, Heavy Hitters offers their own line of proprietary vape pods known as the Heavy Pod system.

Heavy Hitters reviews, product by product


Northern Lights vape cart

One of the most renowned indica strains on the market, the Northern Lights cartridge encapsulates all the qualities of this iconic cultivar. Bred from a cross of Afghani and Thai, it’s known for its calming, sleepy properties. The strain boasts a taste profile dominated by pine, earthiness, and a hint of spice.

Average THC content: 93.4%

Available as: Cartridge and disposable

Cart size: 1g vape cart / 0.35g disposable


Sour Diesel

Heavy Hitters’ Sour Diesel cartridge captures the essence of this iconic sativa cultivar, celebrated for its pungent aroma and effects. Bred as a cross of Chemdawg and Super Skunk, it offers a potent blend of citrus, peppery, and herbal notes. Expect euphoric and uplifting effects from this strain as well, great for boosting your mood and getting up and at ‘em. Sour Diesel has also been credited for its potential to induce creativity and focus, so it’s great for conquering a long to-do list.

Average THC content: 94.2%

Available as: Cartridge 

Cart size: 1g


Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a rare but celebrated sativa cultivar offering a distinct blend of sweet, creamy, and earthy flavors. It’s known for its toffee-tasting notes and motivational, uplifting effects, offering consumers a high that combines energy and inspiration.

Average THC content: 91.6%

Available as: Cartridge, Pod, and disposable

Cart size: 1g vape cart / 0.35g disposable


Blue Dream

Heavy Hitters’ Blue Dream cartridge offers a combination of blueberry sweetness complemented by notes of pines. The effects are equally delightful, known for inducing a boost in mood and soothing, whole-body relaxation. With the lineage of Blueberry and Haze, it offers a balanced blend of both flavor and effects.

Average THC content: 91.3%

Available as: Cartridge or disposable

Cart size: 1g vape cart / 0.35g disposable


Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express cartridge stands as a testament to the allure of the sativa-dominant hybrid cultivar. The taste profile offers a blend of pineapple sweetness, underscored by notes of tropical fruits, while the effects deliver a full-body, long-lasting, balanced high. Stemming from a lineage of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, it’s a great strain for consumers of all kinds.

Average THC content: 90%

Available as: Cartridge or disposable

Cart size: 1g vape cart / 0.35g disposable


What’s the Heavy Pod System all about?

In addition to the diverse range of cartridges and disposable vapes, Heavy Hitters offers a proprietary pod line known as the Heavy Pod system. You’ll need the specifically designed Heavy Hitters battery to try these pods, which you can find at The Travel Agency. Pod systems like this generally offer more features, such as product input, voltage output, and battery life.

Some of the strains available in the Heavy Pods line include:

Purple Haze

The Purple Haze pod comes from the sativa-leaning cultivar, known to transport folks with its blend of berry and earthy flavors. Both experienced cannabis consumers and newbies can enjoy the burst of energy, creativity, and bliss brought on by this famous cultivar. This cultivar of Jimi Hendrix fame is bred by crossing Purple Thai and Haze.

Average THC content: 93.9%

Available as: Pod

Pod size: 1g


NY Sour Diesel

The NY Sour Diesel pod comes from a distinguished sativa cultivar that stands out for its pungent aroma. The taste profile offers citrusy brightness, accompanied by subtle notes of peppery spice and herbal undertones. The effect unfolds with a creative and focused mindset, matched by a calm and composed mood.

Average THC content: 92.9%

Available as: Pod

Pod size: 1g


Cereal Milk

Heavy Hitters’ Cereal Milk pod is a hybrid born from the union of Y Life and Snowman. Named after its sugary-sweet and creamy taste, the cultivar is reminiscent of the milk left behind after your favorite bowl of cereal. The effects of Cereal Milk are generally balanced, offering both uplifting and relaxing results.

Average THC content: 92.6%

Available as: Pod

Pod size: 1g

Shop Heavy Hitters at The Travel Agency

Eager to try Heavy Hitters? The Travel Agency menu includes an impressive selection of Heavy Hitters’ finest. Whether you’re seeking a cartridge, disposable vape, or pod, The Travel Agency stands as the ultimate destination for a top-tier cannabis experience. Stop by in person, shop for delivery, or visit our menu online to see what’s in stock today.

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