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Motivated to join the industry through her love for the plant, people, and education, Chyna Whyte-Morgan is a Dispensary Associate at The Travel Agency who has been working in cannabis for almost a year. She loves connecting with people, learning new things, and teaching others. The vibrancy and care Chyna brings to her job translate into the meaningful interactions she has with customers on a daily basis, educating and recommending the best products for each individual’s preferences.


Q&A With Chyna

Can you share a personal story or a memorable interaction related to the positive effects of cannabis on yourself or a customer at USQTA?

I will never forget this interaction. A customer came in with an old vape battery that she had bought for her mother before her passing about a year ago. Her mother was her best friend and had cancer, and she would buy her mom cannabis products to help relieve/ease and combat the pain. It worked for a while, but things, unfortunately, took a turn, and her mother is now in the sky, flying around pain-free. Since then, she took a break from cannabis and allowed herself to grieve, but within that process, she found the old vape battery and felt it was a sign to try again, especially since she was stressed and going through her own pain. She needed help finding the best fit for her. 


I was shocked by how much I completely resonated with this woman just off the bat— August 14th will mark two years since I lost my own mother and best friend to cancer and other illnesses as well, and I remember going through the same journey with her and cannabis. And even through all of that, I am grateful that my traumatic experience allowed me to deeply connect with and help another person going through the same journey make it to the next step. I gave that lady the warmest hug and understanding I could give, and got her a new battery and FIRE cart. I will cherish that moment for the rest of my life. It really reminded me why I do this every day.


If that woman was to ever read this, I just want to say thank you, you are loved, and it’s going to be super tough but you are tougher and our mommas are always watching and guiding along the way, wherever they may be at the moment. *besitos*


What kind of guidance or recommendations do you typically provide to customers seeking advice on what strains or products to purchase?

I always ask three main questions when trying to gauge what my customers need: what is their strain preference (if they have any or are experienced enough, if not, I’ll educate them), what effects are they looking for, and how high or low may their tolerance be. That narrows it down more to what they want AND need that would be JUST right for their desire that day.


What are some consumer trends you have noticed? Are these trends surprising?

Surprisingly, a lot of people buy pre-rolls not just for the convenience of being on the go but simply because a lot of people don’t know how to roll properly. And to be honest, as a rolling connoisseur, that actually hurts my heart to know.


How would you describe the atmosphere and culture at USQTA? What sets it apart from other cannabis dispensaries (licensed, unlicensed, and legacy)?

I’ll tell you how I personally feel and what I hear on the daily from our new and returning/regular customers. What I’ve heard a lot about that is not only my favorite part, but our strong point, and the first thing that sets us aside from ALL other dispensaries in the city is simply our atmosphere and vibe within the store! It’s always very welcoming and equally efficient. We are the best because we make you forget that you’re in a store, and you leave with an unforgettable experience! Whether working or buying, that’s usually the vibe here at USQTA.


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your role at USQTA or in the cannabis industry?

I love my job. It’s the perfect balance of chill, good vibes, great information, opportunities, and clientele!


If you were stranded on an island, what three cannabis products and what three accessories would you bring?

Papers, flower, and fuego!

A Little Bit More…

“I love having an interesting way to learn about plants and planting 101 because at the end of the day, that’s exactly what it is– plants. One of the best plants that really integrates all types of communities and people all over the world!”


Chyna’s recommendations commonly include products from brands like Love Oui’d, Snobby Dankins, and FlowerHouse. She focuses on quality and the full spectrum of the plant rather than just high THC content, and teaches others to do the same.


“I’ve personally learned not to sleep on THC percentages, and I think that a lot of people miss out on some pretty fire flower profiles just due to chasing high potency percentages. There’s so much that goes into the quality level of flower, and trust that we do our best to only provide the best quality products for our fellow canna community. The terpene profiles do add a whole extra level of potency, and that’s also where you get most of your weed effects from, like euphoria, creativity, relaxation, energy, etc. So when you are browsing through our different strains and flowers, don’t just skip the buds with low THC, and be sure to check out that flavor profile! Trust me, you’ll thank me!”


Chyna is passionate about having a well-rounded understanding of the plant and advancing her career in the cannabis industry, especially in New York City, where she hopes to gain more of an influence in her community. Her ultimate goal is to own her own farm, where she can supply new and different forms of cannabis for all preferences.


Alongside the vivacity she brings to the dispensary, Chyna has been involved in a range of initiatives and events since working at USQTA.


“USQTA has definitely had our hands in so many great causes— from sponsoring PrideFest, to our awesome staff potluck for Juneteenth, and our latest pop-up with Happy Munkey for 710 at the Museum of Sex. We LOVE bringing the canna community together from all over the world, let alone New York!”


For those that are looking to get involved in the cannabis industry, Chyna’s advice is to “learn everything you can and do it the right way, save save save, and stop by USQTA to get a good look on how it’s done the right way!” And for those that are weary of cannabis altogether, she exclaims, “Cannabis is not a gateway drug; cannabis itself is not addictive. People can just have addictive behaviors. Everyone’s body is different and different things work or don’t work for different people— you just have to find out what works for your body and, most importantly, be real with yourself and your habits.”


Chyna is more of a social smoker, preferring to enjoy joints with friends while chilling and listening to music like Afrobeats and R&B. From time to time, she enjoys a spontaneous adventure after consuming, which usually includes finding some great eats and drinks, typically around Union Square or in Brooklyn. Her go-to munchies list could go on forever but include pretzels, M&M peanuts, coconut water, Doritos, and Hawaiian rolls.


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