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Valentine’s Day is approaching, and love is in the air in the Big Apple. What better way to celebrate the season of hearts than with our valentine: cannabis.

Whether you’re planning a day with your partner, surprising your BFF, or indulging in a solo escapade, these 14 cannabis products will make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.


3 cannabis products made for two

Explore our selection of products tailored for shared moments with your special someone.


  1. Two-pack of Ruby Pre-Rolls

Price: $14 

Elevate that special thing you’re doing for Valentine’s Day. A two-pack of pre-rolls, such as this Ruby Doobie with GMO flower, is a quick and easy way to gear up or wind down from your special plans. Just open the smell-proof tube, light up, and enjoy.

  1. Soft Power Sweets Dulce De Leche Caramels

Price: $13 

Indulge in a special moment with your loved one. Made from long-simmered condensed coconut milk, each dulce de leche caramel contains 10mg of THC, providing a powerful but not overpowering experience. Vegan and ethically made, these caramels are a conscious choice for those who appreciate artisan chocolate and shopping for good.

If you and your partner have big appetites (and a high THC tolerance), try the brand’s Tart Cherry Chocolate Bar. Made with Ecuadorian chocolate infused with organic tart cherries and sea salt, each serving contains 2.5mg THC, or 60mg THC for the whole bar.


  1. MyHi Stir Stik

Price: $5 

From a cup of morning coffee to a Valentine’s Day-themed mocktail, MyHi singles turn any beverage into an elevated one. Each stirrer contains 10mg of fast-acting, nano-emulsified THC, along with a bit of caffeine derived from green coffee bean extract. Grab two MyHi Singles and make your loved one’s favorite drink, or split a shaker for two. Choose from Boisterous Berry, Lively Lemon, or Simply Flavorless.




4 gifts to light up date night

Elevate date night with the perfect gift to make your date night extra special.


  1. Ruby Black Cherry Gelato Rose Petal Wrapped Pre-Roll

Price: $18

Why buy a dozen roses when you can bring home something smokable — and, for your cannabis-loving SO, something much more romantic?

The Black Cherry Gelato Rose Petal Pre-Roll is an infusion of love crafted by Ruby for a uniquely romantic Valentine’s Day. The limited edition, hand-rolled pre-rolls are made only a few times a year, making them extra special for the holiday of love. This specific creation is made with the Black Cherry Gelato strain, a high-demand cultivar bred from Black Cherry Funk and Acai. Each pre-roll is handmade with 1g of cannabis and love.

  1. Chef for Higher Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

Price: $50

Dive into the world of culinary creativity for a special Valentine’s Day date night. The Travel Agency offers infused olive oil and coconut oil from Chef For Higher. Each 4-ounce bottle contains 240mg THC, so you can customize the dose of your creations. Go savory with a dressing, sauce, or dip, or make something sweet and indulgent. Whether you’re an expert or just starting your infused journey, these pre-infused oils offer an easy way to craft your own edibles from home.


  1. Harney Brothers Spicy Pound Town Tea

Price: $20 

Brew up some excitement for Valentine’s Day with Harney Brothers Spicy Pound Town Cinnamon Spice Tea. While its name may raise a mischievous smile, the tea offers nothing short of bold flavors, including three varieties of cinnamon, zesty orange peels, and sweet cloves. With 10mg of THC per sachet and five sachets per jar, you and your loved one can end the evening on a high note.


  1. Flamer Pre-Rolls

Price: $14 

Ignite the Valentine’s Day mood with Flamer Bright Red Pre-Rolls, a brand born from the heart of New York’s queer community. Crafted to celebrate diversity and love, each pre-roll is rolled in bright red paper made from red soy-based ink. Flamer offers an “Anytime” pre-roll as well as a “Silly Goofy” pre-roll, just right for adding some playfulness to every kind of Valentine’s Day celebration. You can’t get much more celebratory for the Day of Love than that.



4 cannabis gifts to set the mood

Create unforgettable moments with these carefully chosen gifts that speak the language of love.


  1. 1906 Love Beans for Arousal

Price: $35 for 20 servings

1906 Love Beans for Arousal invite — and ignite — passion for Valentine’s Day. These chocolate-covered edibles blend cannabis with five exotic herbs celebrated for their aphrodisiac properties. Each bean contains a harmonious blend of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD for a pleasure-enhancing, balancing experience that’s unlikely to overwhelm your senses. They are fast-acting, with an estimated 20-minute onset time. Less time waiting, more time getting busy.

If you or your partner don’t love chocolate, 1906 makes this formula in tablet form, available in a 4-pack for a curious night and a 20-pack for those committed to romance.

Curious about Love Beans? Read The Travel Agency’s 1906 review.


  1. Packwoods Sour Diesel Disposable Vape

Price: $82

Gift ultimate convenience and quality with Packwoods Sour Diesel Disposable – 1g of live resin infused with terpenes. This sleek and easy-to-use device offers a hassle-free way to enjoy the popular sativa-dominant strain in NYC. Sour Diesel is known for its uplifting and energizing effects, but here’s the kicker: whispers in the cannabis community suggest it might enhance sensory pleasure.


  1. Her Highness Highly Orgasmic Pleasure Oil

Price: $60

Can’t get more direct for Valentine’s Day than a topical designed for a romantic evening. Pleasure Oil from Her Highness blends hemp-derived CBD with a touch of delta-8 THC and Spilanthes acmella, a South American herb associated with arousal. Dashes of peppermint extract heighten tingling sensations. A few drops will have you well on your way to a memorable V-Day. And if you plan on breaking out Pleasure Oil for Valentine’s Day, be sure to plan ahead: this product is not latex-safe.


  1. Hepworth Oils

Price: $81

Hepworth offers a line of intimate and arousal oils designed to elevate sensory experiences and enhance pleasure. Both options feature a potent infusion of 750mg THC, delivering 15mg THC per dose. These oils support heightened sensations and may promote intimacy and elevate pleasure. Hepworth’s products invite you to indulge, whether you’re seeking a solo journey or partner play.




4 Galentine’s Day gifts

Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec fame may not have been a smoker, but stoners can certainly appreciate her holiday for celebrating BFFs — and her love of waffles. If you’re celebrating the love and support of friendship this Valentine’s Day, get a little assistance from these three galentine’s (or pal-entine’s) gifts.


  1. Drew Martin Be Open Rose Petal Pre-Rolls

Price: $70

A great addition for a night in with friends, Drew Martin’s Be Open Rose Petal pack offers six carefully crafted pre-rolls. Each joint is rolled with sun-dried rose petals meticulously matched with the right cultivars (strains). With multiple joints in a pack, everyone gets a chance to burn their own.

Each pre-roll contains 0.75 grams of Boss Dank flower, sourced from Sun & Earth-certified cannabis and rolled with rose petals sourced from a woman-owned co-op. These pre-rolls redefine the smoking experience and offer a higher-end journey than traditional options, AKA the perfect way to celebrate with your best friends.

  1. Hysteria Milk Chocolate

Price: $40 

Chocolate is undeniably the classic Valentine’s Day gift. Why not take it up a notch with Hysteria’s Infused Milk Chocolate Bar? With an infusion of 10mg THC per serving, you and your galentines (or pal-entines) can indulge in the delicious, rich, melt-in-your-mouth goodness that not only satisfies your sweet tooth but promises a sophisticated and mellow high.

  1. Her Highness Lip Service Ashtray

Price: $26

A kiss that lasts forever – and looks cute out on display year-round. Bring the host of your soiree a gift they can use time and again.

Designed to replicate MAC’s iconic Russian Red lipstick, formulated for Madonna’s 1990 Blonde Ambition tour, the Her Highness Lip Service Ashtray doubles as a glamorous decor piece. It’s a thoughtful expression of love and luxury, just right for Galentine’s Day or any celebration thereafter.


  1. Soft Power Sweets Chocolate Hearts

Price: $25 

A Valentine’s Day with friends isn’t complete without something heart-shaped and chocolate-y. Skip the heart-shaped box at the drugstore and celebrate instead with infused chocolate hearts. Vegan and ethically sourced — just like all edibles from Soft Power Sweets — each chocolate heart contains 10mg THC. With five servings per container, the tin will be empty in a flash.




Sweep them off their feet with cannabis from The Travel Agency

Travel to destinations you’ve only dreamed of with your loved one (or loved ones). At The Travel Agency, our knowledgeable staff and meticulously curated menu of products guarantee a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience brimming with love. Whether you stop by our Union Square location, our Downtown Brooklyn spot, or opt for the convenience of doorstep delivery, let love blossom with the right gift to elevate the day.

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