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The Packwoods brand has been a mainstay in cannabis communities in several states, and now, it’s landed in licensed dispensaries across New York City. This guide to Packwoods products offers you a rundown of what’s available, and why it’s smart to make your Packwoods purchases with The Travel Agency.

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Originating in Los Angeles, Packwoods has been a favorite of cannabis consumers since its debut in 2017. The brand, available in 12 states, is known for its collaborations with leading brands in adult-use markets across the U.S., including Cookies, Sherbinskis, and Runtz. In New York, licensed Packwoods products include prerolls, disposable vapes, and select cannabis flower cultivars (strains).


What kind of Packwoods products are available at The Travel Agency?


Whether you’re seeking the classic experience of a joint, love a good blunt, or want to turn up your sesh with something infused, there’s something for every pre-roll lover in the Packwoods lineup. Packwoods are known for their glass tips, called “Glass Cone Joints,” and their freshness plugs that you place back on the mouthpiece when you’re not smoking. Their pre-rolls, which range in size from 1 gram to 2.5 grams, are hand-rolled and ready to enjoy right when you buy them. Their “Heavy” line of infused pre-rolls include distillate for an extra kick.


Some of the Packwoods pre-rolls offered at The Travel Agency include:


Disposable live resin vape carts

Packwoods offers a line of vape carts that are ready for use right from the package. A single button on the side of the battery activates your experience, while the unit can be recharged using any USB-C cable. While you can recharge the battery if it dies, the carts themselves are not refillable. Once you’ve finished the cart, you dispose of the whole unit.

Packwoods disposable vape carts contain 1g of live resin extract each. Live resin is celebrated for its high terpene content due to the way it’s extracted from the plant. As a result, you can expect the terpene and cannabinoid profile to resemble the source cultivar for each cart.


Some of the Packwoods disposable vape carts you can find at The Travel Agency include:



You’ll find a range of indoor-grown classic cultivars and special strains alike under the Packwoods name. Sold in eighths, it’s just enough flower to give something new a try or enjoy a longtime favorite.


Some of the Packwoods strains available at The Travel Agency include:


Packwoods reviews: What do people think?

The internet is loving Packwoods. A reviewer on Emjay described Packwood’s flower as “fragrant, “alive,” “sticky,” and “well-loved.” The reviewer went on to note the high to be “uplifting and nuanced” and offer a “really adventurous perspective switch.” Another review noted Packwoods pre-rolls blunts as “masterpieces of innovation” that “elevate the blunt game.”

A Reddit forum also described the pre-rolls as “great,” specifically noting certain cultivars that set the stage for a very relaxing night in. “I suffer from horrible insomnia, 5-6 hits, I’m out for the clock,” noted one user.


Shopping for Packwoods at a licensed NYC dispensary

You may have seen Packwoods products at unlicensed shops across the city. But be aware: these products are not made here in the Empire State. If they’re not sold in a licensed New York dispensary, they’re not New York-grown and made cannabis products.


When you shop Packwoods at The Travel Agency, you know those products have been carefully tracked and documented at each stage from the farm to the dispensary shelf. This means your Packwoods prerolls, flower, or disposable vapes are tracked from the moment the cannabis is planted to the moment it’s sold to you at a dispensary. When your product is tracked in this way, you can rely on its authenticity.


Packwoods products — and all products — sold in a licensed dispensary are tested according to New York’s stringent standards to ensure your safety and well-being while enjoying cannabis. Products must be tested by an independent laboratory for contaminants like aspergillus, mycotoxins, pesticides, and heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Flower must be additionally screened for any foreign materials to ensure no unwelcome elements made their way in, while disposable vapes and all other extracts must be tested for any solvents that may have lingered in the final product. If the products fail any of this rigorous testing, it can’t be sold in a licensed dispensary.


Explore other popular New York cannabis brands at The Travel Agency

Get to know the other products on our menu. Check out these reviews to learn what’s hot in New York City cannabis:


Shop for Packwoods at The Travel Agency

Ready to shop for Packwoods? It’s time for a stop at The Travel Agency. As an authorized Packwoods retailer, we offer a convenient, reliable, and safe way to shop. Place your order online, get your Packwoods delivered, or stop by our Manhattan location. While you’re there, experience our Flower Lounge, where you can explore all the smells and sights that make cannabis so beloved by New Yorkers. Come explore — we’re ready for your departure, seven days a week.

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