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Whole flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates await when you shop Hudson Cannabis. Direct from the Hudson Valley, local and long-distance travelers alike head to The Travel Agency to try a brand known for its unique cultivation methods and regenerative farming practices. Explore Hudson Cannabis’s distinct offerings with this product review.


About Hudson Cannabis

Nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Hudson Cannabis is a New York State-based, woman-owned cannabis and hemp CBD company. Hudson Cannabis promotes ethical and conscientious cultivation techniques, using organic living soil as a growing medium.

Uniquely, Hudson Cannabis leverages regenerative farming practices, a method intended to lessen farming’s impact on climate change. The cannabis is also cultivated in accordance with the cycles of the moon, matched with genetics adapted to thrive in the Hudson Valley.


Hudson Cannabis flower reviews

Gary Payton

Gary Payton is a relatively even hybrid cultivar (strain) known for its unique flavor profile. Named for the Hall of Fame NBA player, you can expect sweet and earthy notes with hints of zesty lemon and a touch of diesel. It’s known for its uplifting, euphoric and relaxing properties, a good fit for unwinding at the end of a long day.

  • Average THC content: 20.82%


Banana Breath

With a heavy-hitting high embraced for how it induces relaxation, Banana Breath is the epitome of an indica-dominant cultivar. Its tranquil effects are complemented by a delightful aroma of sweetness and hints of vanilla and caramel. If you’re ready to nap, Banana Breath may be a good strain option for you.

  • Average THC content: 15.22%


Gush Mints

Gush Mints offers an intriguing aromatic experience of refreshing cool mint, complemented by sweet frosted berries and sour cherries. This indica-dominant cultivar has been said to provide a calming sense of euphoria that may be of help if you’re searching for a good night’s sleep.

  • Average THC content: 22.59% to 25.48%


Juicy Diesel

Juicy Diesel is a sativa-dominant cultivar that you may turn to for a great wake-and-bake experience. A boost of energy and creativity are not uncommon with this cultivar, with flavors of tart apple and berry juices mixed with subtle notes of freshly cut grass.

Hear what our budtenders have to say:

“I like how the Juicy Diesel pre-roll burns slow and comes at a great price. It comes with a nice calming high.” – LP, budtender, The Travel Agency

  • Average THC content: 19.39%


Octane Mint Sorbet

Octane Mint Sorbet is a potent indica-dominant strain bred from a cross of Sunset Octane and Wedding Cake F1. This cultivar delivers a potent and gassy aroma backed by deeply relaxing effects.

  • Average THC content: 23.42%


Royal Salmon Jack

Royal Salmon is a sativa-dominant powerhouse known for its sense-invigorating properties, a distinctive peppery pull, and subtle skunky undertones. You can expect uplifting, euphoric effects, and some folks even report an increased sense of focus.

  • Average THC content: 21.19%


King Kong

Boasting flavors of rye sourdough mixed with sweet skunk undertones, King Kong creates simultaneously rich and stimulating effects. The high is generally characterized by clarity and sharpness, which may leave you with a thirst for adventure.

Hear what our budtenders have to say:

“This strain has fresh, moist, and full buds. It’s a full body high that’s best for relaxing and sleeping, or just to hang out.” -Liv, budtender, The Travel Agency

  • Average THC content: 28.97%


Can you buy Hudson Cannabis flower in a pre-roll?

Yes. Hudson Cannabis offers a well-crafted selection of pre-rolls, available in singles and 7-packs. Each preroll offers a precise and consistent experience. They’re a great option for on-the-go travelers, folks who want to skip the grinding and rolling, or if you want to try a small sample of several cultivars.

These four cultivars are currently as pre-rolls from Hudson Cannabis:


Does Hudson Cannabis make concentrates?

Hudson Cannabis also offers a curated selection of concentrates, with products like Papa Smurf Hash, a sativa-leaning hybrid which delivers what folks describe as a euphoric high with notes of sweet berries and pine. Hudson Cannabis concentrates offer high THC options if you want something quite potent for your next sesh.


Shop Hudson Cannabis with The Travel Agency

When it comes to Hudson Cannabis products, there’s no better destination than The Travel Agency. From thoughtfully cultivated strains to their standout concentrates, The Travel Agency offers a curated product selection from Hudson Cannabis with a little something for everybody. Step into our store, visit our online menu to see what’s in stock, or place an order for same-day delivery.

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