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What You Can Expect When You Try Gelato

You can expect to feel:





For an uplifting, euphoric, and adventurous experience, Gelato may be just the ticket. This stimulating strain offers a boost of energy and an elevated mood, while the body high tackles aches and pains. Expect to feel relaxed, yet alert and ready to take on the day.

When it comes to aroma and flavor, Gelato’s name says it all. You’ll get sweet, creamy smells and tastes when consuming this strain, along with fruity notes that make for a delightful anytime treat.

Gelato tends to be on the low to moderate side in terms of potency, making it a great choice if you’re new to cannabis or don’t want a ton of THC in your sesh. If you’ve been around the cannabis block, you may need a bit more Gelato to achieve the desired effects.

Remember: There’s no universal experience when it comes to any cannabis strain (cultivar). You may have a different experience when you try Gelato — and that’s OK!

Is Gelato good for whole-body relief?

Yes, Gelato excels at relaxing your body, with a soothing and tingly sensation to boot. Unlike some strains that produce this sort of body high, though, Gelato won’t leave your mind feeling cloudy. Quite the opposite, in fact: you’ll likely feel compelled to get up and moving. This makes Gelato a great daytime strain that can help you shake off your aches and discomfort and attack your to-do list with confidence.

Is Gelato an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain?

Gelato is a balanced hybrid strain that evenly blends indica and sativa genetics. The result is an experience that combines the best of both worlds, providing both full-body relief and a cerebral, stimulating head high.

It’s good to remember, though, that the effects associated with indica, sativa, and hybrid labels are not a guarantee. These categories refer to plant genetics, and not the cannabinoids and terpenes that shape your experience. So to get a sense of how a strain like Gelato makes you feel, take a close look at the test results instead of the indica, sativa, or hybrid label.

How much THC is in Gelato?

Gelato tends to contain low to moderate amounts of THC, typically ranging from 17% to 20% THC content. Overall, it’s not a super potent strain, but can serve the needs of both low and high-tolerance consumers fairly well. Expect a rapid onset of effects, too, so you can quickly judge whether or not you need to consume more to meet your expectations.

Gelato essentials: What you need to know before you try

What two strains make Gelato?

Gelato results from a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. These parent strains lend both indica and sativa genetics to Gelato, making it an evenly balanced hybrid that offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Gelato THC and CBD content

Gelato contains relatively low amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), averaging around 17% THC content. It may reach upwards of 20% THC content in some cases, but overall it won’t be the most potent strain you encounter. For low-tolerance consumers, a small amount of Gelato may be perfect. Those with higher tolerances can still get a lot out of this strain, though may need to consume a bit more to feel those effects.

In terms of minor cannabinoids, Gelato contains nearly zero Cannabidiol (CBD). It does, however, contain significant amounts of Cannabinol (CBN) and Cannabigerol (CBG), reaching up to 1% of each. It may seem like a small percentage, but it’s a lot in terms of minor cannabinoid content.

What terpenes are in Gelato?

Gelato tends to have a caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile. This peppery terpene, also found in cinnamon and cloves, is a favorite for whole-body relaxation and relief. In addition to caryophyllene, Gelato contains high amounts of limonene and humulene. These terpenes are both known for their uplifting effects and likely contribute to Gelato’s energizing and mood-boosting effects.

The Gelato sensory experience

The name “Gelato” evokes a sweet, silky, creamy dessert for a reason, and this strain doesn’t disappoint. Expect a vanilla aroma with a touch of mint in this delightful dessert strain, and a similarly sweet flavor with a touch of fruitiness when consumed. Although the dessert is usually consumed in the evenings, you can indulge in Gelato cannabis products at any time of day.

What Gelato products can you buy in New York City?

Gelato genetics are absolutely everywhere in New York City’s cannabis market, from perfectly cultivated flower to some of the highest-quality manufactured products available. If you want to get started with Gelato easily, you can select ready-to-go products like MFNY Gelato Pre-rolls or Packwoods Gelato Freeze Infused Blunts.

There’s more than just Gelato cannabis flower available in New York City dispensaries like The Travel Agency, though. Fans of concentrates will enjoy Gelato Live Resin Sugar from Blotter or MFNY Gelato Live Resin Badder.

How to shop for Gelato at The Travel Agency

Discover the expansive world of Gelato products on the shelves of our Manhattan or downtown Brooklyn dispensaries. Our Union Square flagship shop is right off the 4/5/6/NQ/R/W lines, and our newest downtown Brooklyn shop is down the block from Barclays Center. We’re open late for you seven days a week. Order ahead for pickup, or take your time browsing our selection of 300-plus products.

No time to browse? No problem. We offer cannabis delivery services throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Complete the same process you would for pickup on our website, but make sure the delivery option is checked and you enter your address. Remember, we can only deliver to residential addresses, and you’ll need your ID handy when the driver gets there. Learn more about how to get weed delivered in New York City.

You can also stay ahead of the curve with our exclusive product drops. Enroll in our Travel Club program to receive the freshest updates on Gelato products and a myriad of new arrivals gracing our menu daily.

Gelato shopping tips

Check third-party laboratory testing results: High-quality, safe cannabis products have the test results to prove it. Reputable dispensaries like The Travel Agency are required to carry tested products. Scan the QR code on the product label, and you’ll get detailed cannabinoid and terpene profiles at your fingertips.

Shop at a licensed dispensary: Prioritize purchasing Gelato from licensed and reputable dispensaries. The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) provides licensed dispensaries with a sticker for display in the front window — a sticker we’re proud to display.

Keep an eye out for counterfeit products: Genuine products are labeled to comply with New York regulations and are exclusively sold in licensed dispensaries like The Travel Agency. Avoid products with information from another state on the package, as these are not allowed to be sold in New York.

Check out customer reviews: Before making a purchase, delve into customer reviews and testimonials about Gelato. Positive feedback from other travelers can offer valuable insights into the quality and consistency of the cultivar (another word for “strain”) offered by the dispensary.

Talk to the budtenders for more information: When in doubt, seek guidance from knowledgeable budtenders at your chosen dispensary. At The Travel Agency, our budtenders are ready to address your questions and provide valuable product information tailored to your preferences and desired effects.

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