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Is there truly a difference between all the cannabis concentrates you see on the dispensary shelf? In short, yes. Each extract has its unique texture, taking you on an unforgettable journey from beginning to end.



The graphic states WHICH CONCENTRATE IS BEST FOR ME? Distillate: Ideal for those who prioritize potency and versatility. Live Resin: Ideal for those who seek a more authentic experience. Hash Rosin: Ideal for those who prefer solventless cannabis extractions. The text is written in black on a turquoise background.



As your premier destination for high-quality cannabis products, The Travel Agency is here to help you navigate your options. In this blog, we’ll drill into some of the product types we get asked most about Distillate, hash rosin, and live resin.

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Distilling the difference: distillate vs. hash rosin vs. live resin

Each of these concentrates offers unique characteristics, flavors, and effects, making them fast favorites among cannabis consumers and concentrate connoisseurs. But the differences between them have a big effect on your sesh. Dive into the differences here.


What is distillate?

Distillate is a potent cannabis extract known for its high purity and THC content. Containing only a single cannabinoid — in many cases, just THC — distillate is the polar opposite of full-spectrum extracts, which contain all cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis. Distillate is most commonly used to make THC edibles or topicals, but can also be vaped or added to a joint or bowl for an extra kick.


What is hash rosin?

Hash rosin is a premium cannabis concentrate known for its quality and potent effects. Unlike many other extracts, hash rosin is crafted from freshly frozen cannabis plant material, which ensures the preservation of the plant’s natural flavors, aromas, and cannabinoid profile. Hash rosin boasts a rich and diverse spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes and is cherished for its purity and solventless nature. This extract is commonly consumed via dabbing or vaporizing, allowing consumers to enjoy the full depth of cannabis’s benefits.


What is live resin?

Live resin is a concentrated cannabis extract known for its rich flavor profile and sticky texture. Highly favored by dabbers and vapers, live resin’s full-spectrum nature captures the broadest possible range of cannabinoids and terpenes, closely resembling the cannabis plant from which it’s derived. Live resin can also be an excellent addition to joints or bowl packs, enhancing the overall cannabis experience.


How are distillate, hash rosin, and live resin made?

Distillate, hash rosin, and live resin are each made through unique production processes, resulting in diverse and distinct concentrates that cater to varying preferences.



Cannabis distillate is created through an extraction process known as short-path distillation. To begin this process, raw cannabis material is first subjected to extraction using solvents like ethanol or CO2, resulting in crude cannabis oil containing cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds. In distillation, this oil is heated and then condensed, separating various components based on boiling points. Through precise temperature, extractors can isolate individual cannabinoids and create a remarkably refined and potent end product. The distillation procedure eliminates impurities and natural terpenes, resulting in an extract of 90% or more THC.



Hash rosin

Hash rosin is derived from a concentrate known as bubble hash, which is produced through a solventless method called ice water extraction. This process involves separating the cannabinoid-rich trichomes and terpenes from the cannabis flower using ice-cold water. Once collected, the trichomes are pressed into bricks of bubble hash and left to dry. The dried bubble hash bricks are placed in a rosin press, where heat and pressure are applied to squeeze out the potent extract. The absence of solvents in this process ensures a pure and natural concentrate.


Live resin

Live resin is made by subjecting freshly harvested cannabis flower to freezing and solvent-based extraction methods. The process involves immediately freezing the flower after harvest and then extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes using solvents such as ethanol or carbon dioxide (CO2). By freezing the flower directly after harvest, the extract retains the plant’s rich flavors and texture, resulting in a product that closely resembles the original cannabis plant in terms of its broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.


How do you know which concentrate is best for you?

Deciding between distillate, live resin, and hash rosin can be tricky. Let’s break down some of the reasons why you might want to try each type of concentrate.



Ideal for: Those who prioritize potency and versatility. Cannabis distillate’s high THC content provides a potent, long-lasting experience for adult-use and medical consumers.


Favored by: Edible and infused-product lovers who want precise dosing and discreet consumption. Distillates are typically flavorless and odorless. Distillate is also the primary ingredient in many vape carts.


Try if you: Prioritize pure and potent THC and wish to experiment with various consumption methods. Distillate can be used in vaporizers, edibles, and infused products.


Products you’ll find that incorporate distillate include vaporizers and infused pre-rolls.


Live resin

Ideal for: Those who seek a more authentic and true-to-strain experience. Live resin closely retains the original proportions of cannabinoids and terpenes in the source cultivar.


Favored by: Dabbers and vapers who appreciate the full range of aromatic and flavorful qualities during consumption.


Try if you: Prioritize rich and diverse flavors with potent aroma. Live resin is perfect for enhancing the smoking experience by adding it to joints or bowl packs.

Products you’ll find with live resin include vape cartridges and ready-to-dab concentrate.


Hash rosin

Ideal for: Those who prefer solventless cannabis extractions. Hash rosin is a natural and pure concentrate made without any solvents.


Favored by: Dabbers who enjoy a more traditional experience. The sticky, pliable texture is perfect for easy handling and dosing.


Try if you: Value the full-spectrum experience of cannabinoids and terpenes. Hash rosin enthusiasts pursue the rich flavors and aromas this concentrate offers.


Which is better: Distillate, live resin, or hash rosin?

There is no definitive “best” option when deciding between distillate, live resin, or hash rosin. Whether it’s the rich flavors and aromatic qualities of live resin, the high potency of cannabis distillate, or the purity and solventless nature of has rosin, each extract offers unique characteristics catering to diverse preferences. With that said, the choice ultimately boils down to what vibes with you.


Best practices for storing your distillate, live resin, and hash rosin products

Distillate, live resin, and hash rosin products must be stored properly to ensure freshness and longevity. Keep all cannabis away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, and opt for a cool and dark place like a cupboard or dedicated storage box. Always seal the container tightly to prevent exposure and degradation.


While most cannabis products should have expiration dates listed, adhering to the best storage practices will help extend the shelf life and retain your concentrates’ full potency and quality at home.


How much do distillate, live resin, and hash rosin cost?

The prices of distillate, live resin, and hash rosin vary depending on where you’re shopping and what products you’re purchasing. The average prices you’ll find at NY dispensaries range from $72 for .75 gram distillate cartridges to $105 for 1 gram 1 live rosin badder. It’s always a good idea to check The Travel Agency to get an idea of what’s in stock before stopping by.



Elevate your cannabis experience with The Travel Agency

At The Travel Agency, we offer a wide selection of high-grade products sourced from trusted and reputable producers. With a commitment to delivering quality and authentic products to New Yorkers, shopping with The Travel Agency ensures that your favorite concentrates are handled with the utmost care, ready for you to take home and enjoy. Visit our online menu, order concentrates for delivery, or stop by our Manhattan or Brooklyn locations to explore the finest selection of cannabis extracts available.


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