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Cannabis has influenced — and continues to influence — art, philosophy, and medicine. Its modern history of cannabis prohibition centers conversations around social justice and public policy. And with a quick trip to Soho, you can explore every part of the plant’s detailed and compelling story at The House of Cannabis — AKA THC NYC, the first museum in the city dedicated to all things cannabis.

And now, through a partnership with The Travel Agency’s official delivery partner, Doobie, you can get your weed delivered as you explore the exhibits.


Get your weed delivered to THC NYC with USQTA

Cannabis is not for sale inside THC NYC, but we’ll come to you. The Travel Agency has partnered with THC NYC to offer cannabis delivery to experience guests.


Ordering has never been easier. Use the kiosks on the ground floor of THC NYC to place your order and products will arrive within the hour. It’s as simple as scrolling through the menu, filtering by the product types you want, and selecting what you’d like to order. You can also order from our website from your phone.


“We’ve been [fans] of the House of Cannabis since it opened, and like us, they want their guests to explore the cannabis plant, products, and community in the most memorable and educational way possible,” Paul Yau, CEO of USQTA, told MG Magazine. “Helping people navigate impactful cannabis experiences is what we’re known for, and offering delivery to THC guests is a great example of how cannabis hospitality will look moving forward. We’re proud to be working with THC to make this happen.”


What is THC NYC? A look inside the museum

From culture moments to political movements and advocacy to cultivation know-how, THC NYC is a comprehensive and immersive cannabis-themed experience located steps from the Canal Street N/Q/R/W line. There’s plenty to see at THC NYC, which spans five floors of fun, educational exhibits, entertainment space, and retail.

The story behind THC NYC

THC NYC was founded by husband-and-wife team Marcelle and Robert Frey, who bring their prior successes in operating multisensory experiences in Las Vegas to the city. The museum is the culmination of more than five years of planning. The experience opened its doors in April 2023, on the heels of the Empire State’s licensed adult-use cannabis market launch.

THC NYC hours and admission

THC NYC is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 .-p.m. General admission is $35 per ticket, with discounts available to older adults, active military personnel, veterans, and students. Buy THC NYC tickets here.


Get a glimpse inside THC NYC

Packed full of unique experiences, interactive exhibits, and inspiring education, THC NYC is a must visit on your NYC cannabis adventure. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you stop by.


  • The Disorientation Room: Your first stop in THC NYC is on the fourth floor, in the aptly-named Disorientation Room, which celebrates that trippy feeling many of us get from THC. This funhouse-styled room sets the stage for your visit to THC NYC.


  • The Euphorium: Cannabis and music are often intertwined, and The Euphorium celebrates this longtime relationship. Lie down on the vinyl record-inspired platform in this room and enjoy the light show above as you gently spin around. Cannabis-themed classics pump through silent disco-style headphones as you enjoy the ride.


  • The Forum: Prohibition and the War on Drugs has linked cannabis inextricably with social justice causes, from the legalization movement to the push for criminal justice reform. The Forum was built in partnership with the Drug Policy Alliance and uplifts five stories told by those who were personally affected by the War on Drugs.


  • The Joint: This room offers art galleries with pieces that showcase the intersection of cannabis culture and artistic expression. These exhibits rotate, so you’ll get to appreciate something new on each visit.


  • The Grow: Descend to the third floor for a peek into the cultivation world. The Grow features New York City’s first-ever urban cultivation spot. If you’ve ever been curious about how cannabis is grown and harvested, this room is your firsthand look into where your weed comes from.


  • The Microverse: If photography is your thing, The Microverse is for you. Peruse close-up shots of cannabis to get a sense of the beauty of this plant on a smaller scale. Examine the vibrant colors and shimmering trichomes of cannabis flower while surrounded by glistening, silver walls that make you feel as though you’re inside a bud yourself.


  • The Olfactory: The smells of cannabis are unmistakable, and The Olfactory is your destination to experience the wide-ranging aromas of cannabis terpenes. Explore the scents of your favorite strains and learn about where they come from while enjoying a soothing ambience complete with videos, music, and art.


  • Seed to Soul: In this room, you’ll enjoy an original poem created specifically for THC NYC by rapper Curren$y. This is a fully immersive exhibit in which your reflection becomes part of the poetry, as Curren$y’s lyrics are projected onto your reflection as you enter.


  • The Hypnodrome: The final stop in THC NYC is on the second floor, featuring a video by artist Benjamin Godron. This video was inspired by his brainwaves and how they responded after consuming cannabis. Gordon took those patterns and shaped them into an experience that explores whether you can feel high without the help of weed.
  • The Spot: While not an exhibit in itself, The Spot offers a space for events, lectures, and classes to explore so you can keep your cannabis experience going strong.


Of course, no experience at a cannabis museum is complete without, well, cannabis. Skip ahead to learn how to order cannabis from The Travel Agency to THC NYC.


Weed museums and the normalization of cannabis

Cannabis may be legal for adults 21 years of age and older in New York, but legalization comes on the heels of decades of misinformation. Stigma and uncertainty still remain for some who don’t know much about cannabis. Museums like THC NYC offer a fun, accessible, and memorable way to learn, engage, and break stereotypes about the plant and its rich history.


“Cannabis culture has a very rich history from every angle, whether it’s music, art, or social reform issues that need to be addressed. It’s all about connectivity and community,” Marcelle Frey told Time Out New York. “No one had ever created a home for cannabis that merged all of those ideas together. So we’re joining design and art and telling the narrative and the story of cannabis in a way that’s really elevated and true to what it is and its impact on human culture for so many years.”


Cannabis is inexorable from New York City culture in many ways, and thanks to legalization, it has finally re-entered the mainstream. THC NYC and cannabis museums like it — along with immersive retail experiences like The Travel Agency — offer a way for New Yorkers and visitors to appreciate the plant and welcome it into our communities as a regular part of daily life.


Normalizing cannabis, together

We’re proud to be part of this moment as the cannabis conversation shifts in New York City and beyond. Partnerships like ours with THC NYC make it easier for adults to access licensed cannabis products, learn about cannabis from reputable and engaging sources, and see (and smell and taste) what all the hype is about.

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