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In a world brimming with generic gestures of gratitude, finding the perfect thank-you gift can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not — The Travel Agency is here to guide you through a realm of creativity and thoughtful thank-you gifts that transcend the ordinary, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of your loved ones.

Chime & Chill Calm & Chill Bath Salts

Price: $30

The Chime & Chill Bath Salts offer a uniquely luxurious and soothing experience that makes them the ideal thank-you gift for anyone, whether they partake in cannabis or not. Infused with a blend of chamomile, sage, and 100 mg CBD and CBN, these bath salts provide holistic relief and relaxation for the body and mind. The calming properties of these bath salts make a thoughtful gift embodying the essence of relaxation, care, and gratitude, perfect for anyone who enjoys a good soak and wants to take it to the next level.


Go Easy Cloud Pipe

Price: $50 

The Go Easy Cloud Pipe is the epitome of charm and functionality, making it a delightful thank-you gift for anyone seeking a unique and whimsical smoking experience. Handcrafted with care from borosilicate glass, this pipe delivers satisfying hits and doubles as a tuning decorative piece. It’s available in three colors inspired by the Texas skies: Aurora, Dawn, and Twilight.


Hysteria Dark Chocolate

Price: $40 

The Hysteria Dark Chocolate Bar is a sublime choice for a thank-you gift, offering a sophisticated indulgence for candy and cannabis lovers. It’s infused with 10 mg THC per serving and 100 mg per package, delivering a blend of flavor and relaxation with each melt-in-your-mouth bite. Whether savored alone after a long day or shared with loved ones, the recipients of this chocolate bar are sure to feel thoroughly appreciated.


House plant

Price: Varies 

Gifting a plant as a thank-you gift is a timeless gesture that symbolizes growth, appreciation, and lasting beauty. Whether it’s a succulent, lush fern, or flowering orchid, a plant will help purify the air, reduce stress, and boost mood. Conveniently located just down the street from The Travel Agency’s Union Square location, The Plantshed offers a selection of high-quality options for any occasion. Shopping at our Downtown Brooklyn location instead? Consider swinging by the Natty Garden, a community garden store with a great selection of plants to choose from.


Flamer Lobotomy Pre-Roll

Price: $14 

Looking for the perfect thank-you gift to help someone unwind after a long day? The Flamer Lobotomy Pre-Roll offers a blissful journey to relaxation with its blend of spice, musk, and sweet citrus flavors that tantalize the senses. With dominant terpenes like farnesene, beta-myrcene, and limonene, this pre-roll is a surefire way to help anyone sink into the couch and let their worries drift away.


Florist Farms Gush Mints OZ

Price: $200 

Gift the ultimate thank you with an ounce of Gush Mints flower from Florist Farms. With a blend of minty sweetness and earthy undertones, this Indica strain offers a calming sensory experience for the body and mind. Whether a gesture of appreciation for a friend’s support or a thank you to a colleague for their hard work, an ounce of the Florist Farms Gush Mintz Flower is a generous and thoughtful choice to help someone relax and readjust.


Spa gift card

Price: Varies

Nothing says “thank you” quite like pampering and self-care, and a spa experience offers just that. For those local to the area, THE WELL New York is an excellent option for giving tranquility and rejuvenation right near Union Square. With services like massages, facials, acupuncture, and more, THE WELL offers a holistic approach to self-care that promotes physical and mental well-being. Give the gift of rejuvenation with a spa gift card because everyone deserves a little indulgence and self-care.


Her Highness Thigh High Sesh Candle

Price: $66 

The Thigh High Sesh Candle from Her Highness is perfect for the friend who appreciates luxury and ambiance but doesn’t necessarily partake in cannabis. The candle adds a touch of elegance to home couture, standing at 18” and exuding grandeur and style. It’s infused with natural eucalyptus oil and offers 250 hours of burn time for ultimate tranquil vibes. It is also presented in a beautiful gift box with a refillable gold butane lighter to help you say thank you with style.


Dosist Bliss 9:1 Vape

Price: $50 

Consider the disposable Bliss Vape by Dosist for a thank-you gift that’s both thoughtful and uplifting. Carefully crafted with a blend of THC and CBD in a 9:1 ratio, it’s infused with energizing terpenes and bright citrus notes to awaken the senses. The dose pen also features innovative technology, including a smart heat ramp, thermal protection, and a medical-grade stainless steel heating element for a consistent and controlled experience. Sometimes a little bliss is the best thank you.


Build a personalized gift basket

Price: Varies 

Creating a personalized thank-you gift basket is a thoughtful way to show appreciation and tailor the gesture to the recipient’s interests. Start by selecting a centerpiece, such as an eighth of Gelato flower from Flowerhouse. Pair it with a pack of Raw Rolling Papers, perfect for traditionally enjoying the flower. To add a touch of style and functionality, you can include a Travel Agency Lighter or an Edie Parker Tabletop Grinder. Consider arranging the items in a decorative basket, and voila – a custom thank-you gift that will delight any cannabis enthusiast.

Shop for cannabis and beyond

When it comes to finding the perfect thank-you gift, The Travel Agency is here to help with all your cannabis needs. With our convenient locations in Union Square and Downtown Brooklyn, there are a variety of other shopping options within a stone’s throw for those who may prefer something else. Check out The Travel Agency online menu to find out exactly what’s in stock, or stop in to peruse our selection in person today.

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