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‘Tis the season for dispensary shopping. As we head into the first holiday season with licensed dispensaries in New York, your gift-giving options just got a whole lot wider — and a lot more exciting.


With more than 350 products on our menu, The Travel Agency is the premier gift-shopping destination. Let us be your courier for the holiday shopping season, with gifts organized by every type of cannabis lover on your gift list.


Shop for:

The host with the most

The canna-curious

The subtle executive

That special someone

The self-care queen

The trendsetter

The old-school stoner

The HomeGoods lover

The daily dabber

Gifters on a budget


Shop for: The host with the most

In the city where space is fleeting, that friend with an apartment big enough to host is a gem worth celebrating. The “host with the most” is your go-to person for throwing a fantastic gathering. When it comes time to shop for gifts for them, it’s all about great vibes and variety. Some great options include:


Chef For Higher infused coconut oil

Price: $50

Chef For Higher Coconut Oil is the perfect gift for any host who loves throwing down in the kitchen. Packed in a standardized bottle with a consistent dose per serving, it takes the hassle out of measuring. Infused pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres or after-meal dessert bites are within reach.

Each 4-ounce bottle contains 240mg THC, infused at a low temp to ensure the natural goodness and flavor remain intact. Whether replacing butter in recipes or enhancing bulletproof coffee, Chef For Higher Coconut Oil adds a touch of fun to every culinary adventure this holiday season.


House Of Puff Barrow Street herb bowl

Price: $39

The House of Puff Street Herb Bowl is an absolute gem for the host with the most, adding a touch of elegance to any gathering. This elegant, handmade bowl is not just a functional piece but a one-of-a-kind work of art, perfect for sharing flower with guests. And when it’s not in use, this beautiful bowl looks great on a side table or on display in an entertaining space.



Shop for: The canna-curious

Spark curiosity and good vibes. The canna-curious may know a little bit about cannabis or have tried it a handful of times, but they’re still exploring the world of products available to them. Consider gifting strains known for their balanced effects to ensure a gentle introduction, or bundle a few single-serving products together so the canna-curious have several options to choose from.


1906 Drops single-serve tablets

Price: $5

1906 offers a line of effects-based edibles with various combinations of THC, CBD, and other ingredients. You can buy sample pouches for the canna-curious, each containing one or two serving sizes. This offers a perfect introduction to the world of cannabis.

With options like BlissChillLoveGenius, and Go, you can introduce your curious loved one to cannabis for relaxation, focus, energy, or a romantic evening. A range of samples crafts a pathway to discovery for the recipient.


MyHi Lively Lemon Single drink powder

Price: $5

MyHi Singles are a game-changer for the canna-curious. These water-soluble THC powder Stir STIKS are not only convenient but deliver a fast-acting and nano-emulsified THC experience. Perfect for on-the-go infusion, the Stir STIK contains 10mg THC and energizing caffeine from green coffee bean extract. Easy and precise, the MyHi Singles are a hassle-free way for the canna-curious to explore and enjoy cannabis, especially as they get going in the morning.


Ayrloom cannabis drink singles

Price: $5 – $6

Aryloom beverages cater to the canna-curious with their convenient single-infused beverage cans, offering diverse flavors including Black CherryPineapple MangoPink Grapefruit, and Lemonade. Fast-acting, vegan, and gluten-free, these single cans contain 5mg THC and 5mg CBD, offering a delicious and accessible entry point for those exploring the world of cannabis for the first time. And once they find a flavor they love, they can come back to USQTA to pick up a four-pack.


Senior Moments Relief Mints

Price: $30

Senior Moments Relief Mints offers a gentle entry into the cannabis world, designed with newbies and for older adults in mind. Crafted with a balanced 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, these low-dose mints provide a gentle experience that eases both body and mind. The 5mg THC and 5mg CBD ratio is complemented by rosemary extract, lion’s mane mushroom extract, and vitamin B6 to offer a well-rounded approach to wellness.


Shop for: The subtle executive

Everyone in New York has a friend who means serious business but still enjoys a good high. The subtle executive values sophistication and discretion in every aspect of their life, including their consumption. Opt for lowkey products like discreet vape pens or subtle edibles that seamlessly blend into their lifestyle when shopping for them.



Price: $10

The PAX Era is the ideal companion for the subtle exec seeking a discreet and sophisticated vaping experience. This sleek and compact vape offers a seamless and unnoticeable way to enjoy cannabis without drawing unnecessary attention.

The app-controlled PAX Era allows for precise temperature control and a tailored experience. The minimalist design and user-friendly interface make it an elegant addition to the subtle executive’s lifestyle to enjoy a refined high that aligns with their discerning taste. It comes in Ultra Green and Pink, and the recipient can shop a variety of PAX Era pods at USQTA to keep enjoying their gift all year long.


Puffco Cupsy Pipe

Price: $60

Cleverly hidden in plain sight, the Cupsy Pipe by Puffco is a premium water pipe disguised as an ordinary coffee cup. Its stainless steel exterior masks the high-performance bubbler system made of silicone and plastic for easy cleaning. With its portable and stealthy design, Cupsy ensures that the subtle exec in your life can enjoy their cannabis in discreet style.


Florist Farms live resin disposable vape

Price: $75

Florist Farms presents the perfect choice for blending work and relaxation – the disposable Motorbreath Live Resin Vape. Created by New Yorkers for New Yorkers, Florist Farms vapes offer a subtle and sophisticated way to unwind without compromising productivity.

The Motorbreath cultivar (AKA strain), known for its gassy, earthy flavor, provides a clear-headed experience perfect for a busy work day. Live resin extract is highly sought-after for its rich terpenes. The disposable features add unparalleled convenience, with no charging required for the exec on the move.



Shop for: That special someone

Shopping for your spouse or partner requires a thoughtful and personal touch. Take note of their interests, preferences, and unique quirks to choose a gift that resonates with them. Whether it’s a sentimental piece or something to enhance the mood before a romantic stroll through Central Park, these gifts are likely to leave a lasting impression:


1906 Love Beans dark chocolate-covered coffee beans

Price: $35

The 1906 Love Beans combine cannabis with five herbs believed to have aphrodisiac properties to elevate sensuality. Packaged in a convenient 20-pack, with 5mg THC and 5mg CBD in each dose, Love Beans offers a delightful and discreet way to infuse a touch of passion into your shared moments.


Hepworth Focus pre-rolls

Price: $10

Split a two-pack of pre-rolls with your loved one. Hepworth’s Focus Zkittles pre-rolls contain two perfectly rolled 0.5g joints, so there’s one for each of you to savor together. Not to mention, they’re curated specifically for focus, so these joints may help you give more undivided attention to your special someone.


Ruby Rose Petal Wrapped pre-roll

Price: $18

What’s more romantic than roses? For a lover who appreciates all things cannabis, wrapping their joint in rose petals makes an unforgettable gift.

Ruby’s Black Cherry Gelato Rose Petal Wrapped pre-rolls are the perfect gift for expressing your love through cannabis. With only a limited amount released each year, the delicate rose petal wrapping adds a touch of romance and elegance to help make your loved one feel even more cherished. Packed with Black Cherry Gelato, this pre-roll is not only visually appealing but unique in flavor and effects.



Shop for: The self-care queen

In the hustle and bustle of NYC, self-care becomes an essential escape. For the self-care queen in your life, consider gifting CBD-infused bath bombs or soothing topicals that nurture the body and soul. Pay attention to high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing packaging to enhance the overall self-care experience. Some options to consider include:


Sheba Baby Relax Yourself pre-rolls

Price: $55

Pamper the self-care queen in your life with Sheba Baby’s Relax Yourself pre-rolls. Each pre-roll is generously packed with 0.7 grams of indica flower, ensuring a blissful and relaxing experience with every session. It’s the ideal present for those who appreciate the finer moments of self-indulgence.


Chime & Chill bath salts

Price: $30

Chime & Chill Single Soak Bath Salts make the perfect gift for the self-care queen, especially those who prioritize a rejuvenating morning routine. Each packet of bath salts from this woman-owned local business contains 6 ounces of pink himalayan mineral soak infused with 100mg CBD and 100mg CBG to set a positive tone for the day ahead. Infused with Bergamot and Sweet Orange scents, these bath salts provide a refreshing and luxurious addition to anyone’s self-care regimen.



Shop for: The trendsetter

When shopping for the trendsetter, it’s all about finding and embracing the next big thing. Look for innovative cannabis products that deliver an enjoyable experience and boast that head-turning, trendy edge. Sleek accessories and products like the following are sure to catch the trendsetter’s eye.


Flamer Anytime pre-roll

Price: $14

FLAMER Red pre-rolls are the ideal gift for the trendsetter who appreciates both style and substance. Crafted by FLAMER, a collective of artists and creators in NY’s queer community, the pre-rolls are a statement in themselves. They are rolled in red paper with 0.75 grams of flower to showcase a bold symbol of creativity – making them the perfect gift for a friend who values the trend. Bonus: the bright red rolling paper makes for a picture-perfect holiday moment for the Christmas lover in your life.


GRAV Labs Slushy Cup

Price: $120

The Grav Labs Slushy Cup is the ultimate trendy bubbler, blending whimsy with functionality in a way that truly stands out. Its playful, slushy-inspired shape is reminiscent of bodega treats, while the redesigned 14mm straw balances durability and hefty rips. It’s a statement piece that does more than keep up with the latest trends — it sets them.



Shop for: The old-school stoner

Shopping for the old-school stoner involves strolling down the cannabis memory lane. Think of classic strains that have withstood the test of time and accessories that take us back to the good old days. Opt for traditional, uncomplicated goodies and, above all, keep it simple.


Alchemy Pure Trainwreck Flower eighth

Price: $48

An eighth of Trainwreck from ALCHEMY PURE is an excellent gift for the old-school stoner who appreciates timeless classics. Trainwreck, a legendary strain known for its herbal and lemon aroma, is likely familiar to anyone who’s been around the cannabis block. The ritual of rolling and enjoying a classic strain like this offers nostalgia and enjoyment, making it a thoughtful gift for the stoner who values the roots of cannabis culture.


GRAV Labs sandblasted spoon

Price: $20

The GRAV Spoon is a quintessential classic glass piece that’s straightforward, simple, and gets the job done. Crafted with precision and a timeless design, these pipes exude simplicity and authenticity that feels as nice as it looks. It’s just right for celebrating the traditional smoking experience and reliable design.



Shop for: The HomeGoods lover

If your loved one’s idea of fun is getting a little high and exploring the aisles at HomeGoods, these gifts are the right fit. For the person who sees every item as a potential piece of art, shopping becomes a quest for accessories that seamlessly double as decor. Think beyond the ordinary and seek out unique, handcrafted pieces that not only serve a practical purpose but elevate the aesthetic of their space.


Sackville & Co. signature grinder

Price: $40

The Sackville & Co 4-Tier Signature Grinder is practical, functional, and deserves a space sitting out and starting conversations in your loved one’s home. Not only does it grind cannabis effectively, but it does so in standout fashion, doubling as a statement decor piece in between uses. Its four-tier design comes complete with a mesh kief screen and kief bowl.


House Of Puff Nebula tray

Price: $59

Drawing inspiration from the rolling trays in Amsterdam coffeeshops, House Of Puff Nebula Trays are a masterpiece of both style and function. Not only is the Nebula designed to make rolling a breeze, but its one-of-a-kind design makes it a unique addition to any space. Available in a range of chic colors, including Birgit Blue, Camellia Pink, Adela Lavender, Gentileschi Green, and Galactic White, there’s an option for every style lover on your list.


Marc Littlejohn Design storage caddy

Price: $144

Crafted with top-grain leather, the Marc Littlejohn Design storage caddy is more than just a functional storage solution; it’s a stylish piece that a decor aficionado will be proud to leave out. Perfect for discreetly storing your stash and accessories, it boasts 5-layer odor-proof technology to ensure their space remains fresh and smell-free. The padded interior, combination lock, and adjustable partitions make it a secure and versatile choice for those who appreciate style and substance. Not to mention, it comes in both saddle brown and black.



Shop for: The daily dabber

Shopping for the “daily dabber” is all about finding essentials that cater to their love for concentrated and high THC experiences. Look for top-notch rigs or electronic dab pens that offer precision and efficiency, as well as high-quality concentrates like live resin or shatter. Combined, gifts for the daily dabber can be used right away and time and again all year round.


MFNY Gazzurple live rosin badder

Price: $105

For the dedicated dabber, Gazzurple Live Rosin Badder by MFNY stands out as the creme de la creme of concentrates. One of our top staff picks at USQTA, MFNY concentrates are crafted from fresh-frozen plants to create a full-flavored extract with unparalleled flavor and effects. Give the gift of potency and taste with 1 gram of Gazzurple Live Rosin Badder, with an average THC content of around 70%.


Puffco Proxy modular vape electronic dabber

Price: $300

The Puffo Proxy modular vape seamlessly blends the modern with the traditional, adding a gentleman’s touch reminiscent of a classic pipe to the world of dabbing. With four precision heat settings, it caters to the preferences of all dab enthusiasts, ensuring a customizable and controlled experience while paying homage to a timeless design.


Shop for: Gifters on a budget

Let’s face it, NYC is expensive. For $35 and under, the budget shopper appreciates practical and thoughtful items that won’t break the bank. You’ll be thankful, too, for items that your loved one will appreciate without exceeding your budget.

Think about versatile accessories like a sleek rolling tray that adds a touch of flair or edibles for several sessions. With the right approach, a slew of affordable options cater to both practice needs and a love for cannabis.


Soft Power Sweets matcha latte caramel edibles

Price: $15

Soft Power Sweets Matcha Latte Caramels are a fantastic budget-friendly edible option that doesn’t compromise quality or flavor. Crafted by a woman-owned company in Hudson Valley, these caramels boast a delightful blend of smooth matcha flavor, made with coconut milk, maple syrup, and white chocolate. With two 10mg THC caramels per unit, they’re an ideal choice for those seeking a mild yet enjoyable treat. They’re also the perfect fit for the vegan in your life.


Ayrloom disposable vapes

Price: $35

Ayrloom Disposable Vapes offer an enjoyable and affordable vaping experience. They combine convenience with quality, as well as a wide range of cultivar options, ensuring there’s something for everyone. They’re cost-effective and convenient, offering various THC-forward gifts without breaking the bank. Some of the most popular Ayrloom disposable vapes include WatermelonPineapple, and Creamsicle.


House Of Sacci Poddy Mouth flower

Price: $32

House Of Sacci Poddy Mouth Flower is a budget-friendly option for flower that doesn’t compromise on potency or flavor. Priced at $32 for an eighth, the strain offers a 50/50 hybrid blend that provides a powerful punch without breaking the bank. Its flavor profile is earthy and sweet, with spicy tones adding to the uplifting effects.


Hudson Cannabis pre-roll

Price: $8

Consider the Gush Mints pre-roll from Hudson Cannabis as an ideal, wallet-friendly gift choice. At just $8, this budget-conscious option doesn’t compromise on quality, with all flower grown in living soil. Gush Mints offers a delightful blend of minty diesel flavor with relaxing effects. You can also embrace the added value of supporting a NY woman-owned brand by shopping for Hudson Cannabis products.


Chime & Chill AM and PM lotion

Price: $30

With two thoughtful products catered to both morning and evening routines, Chime & Chill is a great brand to consider when shopping for budget-friendly gifts. The AM Lotion features a blend of 300mg CBD and 150mg CBG for a refreshing start to your day, while the PM Lotion, containing 300mg CBN and 150mg CBN, provides a calming touch to unwind in the evening. They are also THC-free, an excellent choice for your friend who’s curious about cannabis but can’t have or doesn’t want THC.


Up your gifting game at The Travel Agency

From luxurious cannabis-infused treats to beautiful smoking accessories and innovative vapes, The Travel Agency has something for everyone on our list. Whether you step into our 13th Street dispensary or get your gifts delivered, our knowledgeable staff and curated stock of products ensure your holiday shopping experience is seamless, enjoyable, and filled with spirit. Travel well this holiday season.

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